I am not sure how I first came upon Sara’s Matchbox Kitchen, but I do know it was a few weeks ago.  I pinned a few of her gorgeous food photographs and then the other day by chance (or stars aligning) I chose her answer from the Oh, Hello Friend giveaway.  The question I posed  in order to enter to win was, “What thing are you truly, madly, deeply in love with’. Sara answered the internet and I have to agree with her, I too am in love with it. I am never getting over it, it has changed my life. I am also in love with Sara’s images and packaging–so sweet + simple. If her product is as good as it looks I do believe she has a winner on her hands.  Now, please keep me away from the internet long enough so I don’t order a S’mores kit before I try that wedding dress of mine on…

One thought on “MATCHBOX KITCHEN

  1. Thank you, thank you! Words cannot describe the joy I felt when I read this post! Thank you so much for choosing my answer. My boyfriend rolls his eyes at me every time I tell him how much I love the internet, which is probably twice a week. And thank you for sharing my photos and blog. I can’t wait to use the “special delivery” stamp on every package I send out :)

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