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My love for Photoshop continues to grow each and every day, but even more so with our new Foto Rx set that is in the works–Vintage Foto Fix. I LOVE vintage photos and have collected quite a few, I am partial to beach scenes and people in love, even better if the vintage photo is of people in love on the beach! Last week we reached out and asked our friends and community to send us some cherished photos to repair.


We love to edit with community photos because then it feels more like we aren’t pulling the wool over our customers eyes, we know that a lot of companies that create photo editing tools ruin photos intentionally to make a photo look bad so they can do their ‘afters’, the problem is that real world photo problems are a lot more complicated to fix in one click if they aren’t naturally occurring. This set has been challenging to create because we are working with photos, mostly film that had their own little peculiarities. Some of my favorite edits in this set are from old Polaroids and point and shoot Kodak’s. Sanae, one of our good friends and fave bloggers was kind enough to send in some of her treasures (feel free to email us some of yours so we can edit). All these edits where made in a couple clicks, even a Photoshop novice could do this! I am excited about the possibilities for creating heirloom photobooks, gifts, etc. We are working on our finishing touches to the set (amongst a million other things), but hopefully we will have this out for you by the end of the month!


Sanae | A Crafty Little Atelier in a Grey City

Vintage Foto Fix | One Click Photo Repair Coming Soon!

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