I have not been sleeping well lately, I think it is equal parts excitement and anxiety. I have a lot going on right now, most of it good with a touch of panic and compulsion thrown in for good measure. Needless to say I have been so exhausted. Yesterday I went to all my appointments with two different shoes on each foot.  No one said a thing.  Either nobody noticed (doubtful) or I have no true friends (a horrible thought). I didn’t notice until I came home (I have a no shoes policy in my house), I went to slip off my flats and lo and behold I was officially the weirdo that walks around the city with two different shoes on. Maybe I will start a trend.
Bella on the other hand has no trouble sleeping, I found her fast asleep in our bed.  She’s not allowed on the bed without her blankie, so she was caught red handed (pawed?).  Bella is very good at getting out of trouble, she just gives me a couple of her coy looks and I am impervious to her naughtiness.  Sorry, I  guess I am just an exhausted, two different shoe wearing, puppy push-over.

5 thoughts on “DOG DAYS OF SUMMER

  1. Stuff happens. Too bad nobody told you! Maybe they thought you were starting a fashion trend? Next week everyone will be wearing two different shoes.

    Amazing pictures by the way!

    Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo Hannah
    Heaps of Dreams

  2. Dear Hannah:

    I don’t know if they thought I was being fashionable, but jeepers good thing I didn’t have spinach stuck in my teethe when I was around those folks, right? Bella and I thank you on the photograph comments;)


    Miss B.

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