Sleepy. Last night the Fancy was snoring so loud I thought he might start levitating the bed. Usually it’s just a gentle tap and he rolls over on his side and quiet ensues. Not last night. Last night it sounded like he swallowed a broken bullhorn. I tried, tried, tried to sleep, covering my head with down pillows to muffle the cacophony.  I can’t wear earplugs they give me claustrophobia, (don’t even ask). So, I went and slept on the sofa.  I’ve never done that before, it was actually quite comfortable until Bella decided to join me. She has to follow me everywhere.  Bella also snores–loud–and passes gas (just as loudly). Between the two of them I couldn’t fall into r.e.m., it made it worse that I had to get up early for a crack of dawn meeting, so my anxiety was at an all time high with each sleepless hour that was swiftly passing by. Just when I started to drift off into slumber, mere hours before my alarm clock was to go off, I heard startled cries from the bedroom.  The Fancy decided to take this night to start having a full blown conversation in his sleep.  The conversation was obviously with a hard of hearing individual as he had his voice box set to the highest delivery one can have it without reverting to shouting.  I am sure our neighbors within a 5 mile radius appreciated it as much as I did. So here I am groggy and incoherent wishing that I could nap (I never can). We are going to Nevada for the night to bid his parent’s farewell before they make the trek cross country (they are moving to the deep South). I am sure I will be a lovely driving companion being that sleeplessness bodes well for my personality (not).
In other news, I have been loving all the soft gray, filmy black + white images that have been floating around the interwebs lately so I decided to try my hand at the processing taking a photo of my empty spot on my beloved bed.

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  1. Oh, what a lovely photo! And this post … Loved it! You know, we just don’t get to use the word cacophony enough … see, you’re so lucky! No?! Okay fine. Hopefully you got to catch up on that sleep at least …

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