Jennifer-Lopez-Troy-JensenI think it is pretty safe to say that I am a bit of an eyelash obsessive.  I have written + recommended more mascara on this here blog than most professionals ever have.  I will not leave the house without my lashes, be it curling them, or a two second swipe of mascara.  My absolute favorite way to wear my lashes though is via extensions.  This to me is the ultimate in beauty convenience.  I only had them once prior before my elopement and I highly recommend it to all brides since they last for weeks.  You can cry, shower and swim in them without incidence. I blubbered through my entire ceremony and never worried about having mascara running down my face. If I am ever fortunate enough to give birth I am pretty sure I will be sporting my lashes in the maternity ward.

If time is money than I can say that having the lashes is like money in the bank. It is how I justified the lash extension splurge I did when I was recently in Los Angeles. My beauty routine now is basically nil– BB cream, some lip balm, creme blush and I am officially finished and out the door! My advice is to only go to a place that has an extremely great reputation, even better if you have personal recommendations. Make sure the place is clean and you are comfortable.  These are your eyes after all and it is not a swift process so you need to know what you are getting into.

Have you ever had this done?  Are you as evangelical as I am?  My girlfriend had on the new Benefit mascara ‘They’re Real! and it was ah-mazing on her.  Her lashes were long, lush and gave my extensions a run for their money.  I gave her my new favorite ‘natural’ looking mascara–Laura Mercier-Faux Lash, it has an amazing brush that coats each lash individually, it’s not as fun as extensions or ‘They’re Real!’ but it’s great for more casual days, because you don’t get a too mascara-y look. It’s purported to be a false eyelash alternative but I felt it just gave a beautiful, natural, even long lash look, very pretty.

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She recently re-located to the country with her handsome husband and two pups and will be re-locating back to the city in the very near future.

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  1. Great tip…I am getting married in a few months and just this past weekend started pricing different hair and makeup options. I was curious about the extensions! So, so glad I read this. There are two Benefit products that I use almost daily…big fan…I’ll remember that mascara recommendation.


  2. I did individual falsies for my wedding + a tiny bit of mascara (I’m nuts). I’ve seriously considered the extensions but I’m terrified of a) letting someone that close to my eye with glue b) having them look like crazy spider legs when they start to grow out (does this only happen with bad extensions?).

    I only trust your mascara recommendations. Was curious to hear what you thought about the new Benefit!

  3. Emily you won’t be sorry, just make sure you can see their work live before hand. The first time they applied before we eloped I did the night before and there was a language barrier and she made me look like Carol Channing:
    I did have another technician come in and fix them but it was a scary panicked experience. I would do them a week before, because they look more natural after you wear them for a few days. The best is how cute you will look on your honeymoon!

  4. Rachel, oh I would absolutely put mascara on my falsies lol! I think it has to be a professional lash specialist and not the nail salons that do it (there’s a bunch of nail salons in L.A. that do it).. The glue is the same as the glue for false eyelashes but has a protein binder that makes it last longer. I do admit to feeling a bit claustrophobic when they tape the eyes down. I mainly have them put more at the ends (think Audrey Hepburn) and not too crazy long. I think they fall off before they get weird and spidery, but there’s natural ways to remove if they get out of control. The last time they fell off pretty uniformly so there weren’t weird gaps, lol.

    I have not tried the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ but what I saw was AWESOME! I tried their Bad Girl lash a while back and it left me with huge raccoon eyes a couple hours later (and I never wear mascara on my lower lashes). The Laura Mercier is fantastic, and the brush doesn’t pull too much product on it so it’s easy to apply without clumps. And if you don’t like it Sephora is great about returns!

  5. Oooh, I’m sure you look amazing with your lash extensions! I’ve actually been thinking about trying eyelash tinting. My eye lashes are very long, and they already hit the insides of my glasses (and muss up mascara, if I don’t let it dry before I put them on) so I don’t think extensions would work for me with my glasses. My lashes are blonde on the ends, so I thought tinting might be a good way to make them a bit more visible. I know it won’t increase volume, but I thought it might just make them more noticeable, which would be good for more natural make up looks. Have you ever tried lash tinting before?

  6. Im cursed with typical asian super short (non-existent) lashes…and this extension sounds SOOOOO tempting!!! I might try it! And DAMN, why does J.Lo always have to look so perfect?!

  7. Miss B, I love your beauty recommendations! Keep ’em coming. Between hand lettering, mascara and demystifying BB cream, I learn so much from reading your blog :)

  8. Sarah, you know what? This all started with the Japanese so you can totally do this and get the results you want! Maybelle let me know about the digital perm which again s a Japanese innovation for girls with super straight thick silky hair (not bragging but explains why I can get a good curl) like mine that refuses to curl. It’s more those gorgeous waves that you see all over the blogosphere!

  9. Sara, absolutely tint your lashes it’s great! BUT go to someone with good results because a bad dye job can leave raccoon eyes. It actually does increase volume, not super dramatically but similar to when you due your hair, the hair shaft expands a bit. I have tried it even though my lashes are dark, but I had a client years ago when I did beauty PR that did it and he said that it would give me more volume and my lashes would be shiny which makes your eyes brighter, he did warn me though about going to just anyone since he said getting the dye off below your eyes is pretty impossible if you don’t go to reputable place. I think you would LOVE it!

  10. I agree, my friend had BEAUTIFUL lash results with hers, I am eager to try once I have gone through my falsies;)

  11. I’m also a mascara junkie, can’t live without it, but never had extensions though (I don’t think there are even much around here who do it). I do love adding individual falsies for occasions and remember during the wedding thinking how nice it would be to have eyes popping out all the time like this ;)

  12. One of my friends has been getting them for almost the past year! They always look so stunning and I’m tempted to get them…though, I did take your advice and tried to Plush mascara which I’m quite loving.

  13. Megan, oh it is quite addicting so avoid it unless you are willing to forgo eating or some other necessity, lol. I think the ‘Are they real’ looked so darn good, I haven’t tried but as soon as these lashes are gone I shall!

  14. I love eyelash extensions! But they can be addicting and take a toll of your budget and your lashes. I had them done several times for about 4-5 months before I stopped. Even though I went to a wonderful technician in Orange County, CA who I recommend to everyone…you still need to take a break to let your lashes grow back every 6 months or so. I am asian myself and have sparse lashes that are stick straight…and eyelash extensions just looked so beautiful on me and looked super natural. I even was so into eyelash extensions that I made a 2 part youtube review/tips and tricks on eyelashes if anyone is interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5S59kpXs8w and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS2GFxs-5PY

    And I also read in the comments reply that you tried the digital perm…well…the newest japanese trend is the air wave perm. It better/healthier for the hair and gives it a better Victoria’s Secret Beach Wave/Curl bouncy hair. You got to try it!

  15. Christine, I am totally going to watch your video and am going to visit Crispy Leaves to ask where I can get this new perm! I want Victoria Secret beach waves!!!

  16. I’ve tried extensions before and it was dreamy. I went to cabo and pretty much never wore make up because of the eye lashes… The upkeep was to expensive though. Now back to mascara and what I use is from maybelline. Nothing special but will try benefits req ;)

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