This tutorial seems so silly in its simplicity, but even the most simple projects can be wrought with disaster–I know this from first hand experience.  Our favor boxes are made of a recycled kraft material that is more heavy and dense than the average kraft box so it can take paint, glue, stamping, etc. pretty seamlessly.  I can’t promise you will have the same results if you used a different substrate but you can try (never any harm in trying, right?).  I used a gold paint, but you could use neon pink (super trendy right now), white, black, aqua, etc.  It’s the little shot of color that keeps this project from looking too ‘crafty’; I love crafts, but I don’t like when things look too crafty.
Your supplies will be:
-Substrate (in this case the Besotted Brand favor boxes)
-Martha Stewart multi-surface gold paint
-Foam brush or small flat edged paint brush
Usually I would say that most supplies could be easily substituted, but I tried masking, artist and green frog painters tape for this supposedly simple project and each one stuck to the top of the box and ripped when I removed the tape. The washi tape was amazing, it came off no problem and had the perfect amount of staying power so no paint seeped underneath–love this stuff! Martha’s new multi-surface paint is amazing truly and the gold has a beautiful sheen to it.  I tried using a liquid gold leaf (extravagant) but it just seeped into the fibers of the box and looked like I picked it up with greasy hands after devouring a bag of French fries. I would suggest a flat edged paint brush over the foam brush (I have SO many of the foam brushes I wanted to use at least one). The flat edged brush offers a more even and opaque coverage.
All you need to do from here is start painting!  The paint will dry fairly rapidly, but since I am the most impatient individual ever I put the boxes in front of a desk top fan and they dried in minutes.
Done & done.  You have a simple + modern unique box to house your favors, gifts or even supplies!


  1. Charmaine, I think the key is paint for paper (I am loving all the Martha multi-surface paints) and use the flat edged brush for more opaque, the foam brush didn’t work that well for me!

  2. Thank you for this little tutorial Miss B! Simple + Elegant + Easy is my favorite combination :) Do you think this gilded striping could work on any/most surfaces—I’m thinking canvas…

    Again, thank you…

  3. Catherine this paint reads that it works on every surface EVEN glass! I am so excited about trying some glass out. So I do believe canvas would work really well. With the canvas I would use the green painters tape (I think it’s called frog), make sure the canvas is pre-primed so it is ready to accept paint, if not add a layer of white gesso to prime it prior to adding your stripe, but you can get most canvases pre-primed for the same price as unprimed. Also, use a flat edged brush a little wide, make sure it’s not so cheap that the bristles fall out (Yes, I tried this with a cheap brush and it was a gross mess)!

    Have fun:)

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