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Last night we all woke up at 3 a.m., not simultaneously more like stacked dominoes–one than the other and than the other and so on. If being woken up at 3 a.m. by a leaky diaper isn’t glamorous enough for you, my Frenchie decided she would throw up in our bedroom hallway, nothing like stepping in dog vomit in the early morn to put a little pep in your day.  It’s a good thing that although I am bleary-eyed and haggard I can still find great joy in discoveries of new- to-me artists like Ms. Frida Clements (I am sure she will appreciate a post on her being prefaced by diaper leakage and dog vomit, who wouldn’t?)

I came across her work the other day and of course was immediately drawn to her lettering, I love a good hand drawn serif (Maybelle did a wonderful one on her site). I was going through her portfolio and was just taken aback by how prolific she is with her lettering work, this Feist poster knocked my socks off!

frida clements feist besotted blog

Frida is best known for her work on music posters, but you really need to check out her Tumblr and view her Punny series, it’ll be sure to turn your frown upside down.

And now my friends I must return to my life as a bumbling (but very happy) mommy…

P.S. If you are looking for some hand drawn serif fonts might I suggest FF Kath, Bookeyed Jack, Mrs. Ant, Bodini Classic Hand (LOVE!) and of course Molly Jacques Icing!

P.P.S. If you come across a good free hand drawn serif let me know and I will add it to the list!

8 thoughts on “FRIDA CLEMENTS

  1. Hmpff, that doesn’t sound good! But you did a great find. Frida is an amazing illustrator, she can literally draw every kind of animal to perfection!

  2. Janneke, no, not fun at all! My husband believes that one day we are going to laugh about all this, I hope so! Thank you for the visit!

  3. tristan and frida – this just made my heart extremely happy. puns are one of my most favorite things ever and frida’s illustrations take these puns to a whole other level – let alone her awesome hand-lettering, which i could stare at all day long. (i also love the bodoni classic hand – thanks for sharing!!!). does frida SELL these as prints??? i also love her story behind how her puns got started. <3 i'm inspired – i think i'm about to go do a hand-lettered piece that says "puntastic" now (#nerdalert – if my love of puns didn't give that away already). tristan – whether you blog daily or not as often as a new mama, there's always a treasure to cherish in every post of yours! thank you so much!! :D

  4. What a fabulous introduction to Miss Frida! I adore her Punny line…my sense of humor exactly. Good luck with the leaks and spoils :) I grew to love the pungent aroma of soggy morning diapers. I probably should have kept that to myself, but it’s the truth.

  5. I was so surprised to see this in my feed today because just this morning I saw Frida’s prints in a coffee shop here in Seattle and thought they were amazing. I ended up googling them and finding her on Etsy and plan to get one as soon as possible. Her lettering is indeed beautiful as is her choice in colour and whimsical details. Good find!

  6. Cool work…and oh boy I remember the days of waking up at 3 am and stepping it dog vomit. Billy would have been 14 years old today…missing him so dearly…treasure every moment, even the vomit filled ones (I know you do). xo

  7. Oh, Susan, this broke my heart. I miss Billy too and I never even got to kiss that sweet mug. Happy B-day Billy!!!

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