Am I the only one marveling that holiday is here, right now, this very sec?!  Per usual I feel a little behind, thankfully everyone else in the world has been preparing and thus all is right in the world. I have been supremely fortunate to be featured in a couple gift guides this season, In Honor of Design has a Gift Guide-cum-magazine and the little ol’ faux wax seal initial is featured. I actually have a cool d.i.y. coming out with this stamp next week, perfect timing! The price featured is off by oh, $31 dollars but to make up for that ‘gah’ inspired detail there is a nice discount code beside the feature, yea!  I was asked a few months ago by the super talented Hope Wallace of Paper Relics to shoot a holiday card d.i.y. spread for Heather Bullard’s Souvenir Magazine. Ask Hope, my husband and any of my friends, I was a total + complete wreck because I wanted it to be just perfect. I probably will never be asked back because I was so neurotic, so I urge you to buy the publication (it’s an on-line beauty with a print edition option) and revel in my maybe last editorial masterpiece. There is of course so much more to the holiday issue than my bitty contribution so it’s well worth a peek. To top off all this holiday reverie I visited Creature Comforts last night to see that I was featured on one of Ez’s awesome of awesome-est Gift Guide’s (the one for ‘Her’). Be still my beating heart!  If you aren’t following these guides, please go and visit, you won’t be sorry. Not only does Ez have an amazing eye, but she chooses a lot of easy on the budget items like Susy Jack’s amazing Recipe cards + box, just brill!  I feel so lucky to be included, I am usually like Rudolph and never get to join in any Reindeer games, but look at me now!

8 thoughts on “GIFT GUIDE 2012 LOVE

  1. I was just going through my new issue of the Whole Living and here you were…well not really you, but your lovely stamp in their gift guide. They have great taste! – Ivana

  2. Congratulations! I am so happy for you and this well deserved recognition. Your products are second to none, and you are just the best. Merriest of holiday seasons to you!

  3. Some days your posts are positively dangerous… :) Was lost in the links and then Pinterest for a good 5 hours. Oh my. But it was a very nice kind of lost. Love the “merry, happy, jolly” lettering on the stamps! Beautiful boxed set.

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