As a designer I am always on the hunt for new + unique resources.  I pride myself on being able to find things that others may not, it’s my graphic design gift/Spidey sense, although I would trade it for natural drawing ability any day. When I get an email asking me where, how, can I, etc.?  I have to kindly reply, I don’t usually share my resources and I don’t, not usually.  It’s what makes me a horrible candidate as a Blogger, because we all know ‘sharing is caring’ and I hold it close to my vest.  I make exceptions from time-to-time, especially when I feel sharing a resource will help an artist/creative generate an income so they can then make more of what I love.  That’s how I feel about the foundry FOUNDFONT™, which in their words is,”dedicated to typographic archaeology as well as the use of found typography within design. We create complete type sets based on found examples.”  Don’t you just love the term ‘typographic archaeology’?  This is my lettering love this week, I have so many vintage fonts I would love to see come into fruition and thus I am going to go against type (pun intended) to share this resource with you.  This company is such an amazing foundry for those like myself that like to infuse authentic vintage aesthetic into their work.  I bought the full set because I felt that it would help the cause and I’m all about helping the cause, but the fonts individually are only $10! How awesome would the Postal Gothic be for a faux postcard project? I really like the Grain-O, it’s a nice sans-serif and feels like a vintage Futura Medium meets Brandon Grotesque to me, just nice + simple. I hope you enjoy and if you use these on a project I would love to see what you create, I am so nosy like that!


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