Another little peek and a contest of sorts.  I have chosen a launch date and no matter what (unless there is a random alien abduction) I shall be opening my virtual doors for business. It’s all very butterfly inducing, especially since my product labels haven’t arrived and the count down is on.  I know one lovely lady that wants this stamps, perhaps there might be more?  All you need to do to win yourself this super duper (and may I add handy?) stamp is to be the first one to guess the correct date of the launch.  How easy is that?
In other exciting news Jules, Danni, Alex and a few other immensely talented and good looking ladies will be meeting up for Holly’s book signing on Friday.  Nicole from Making it Lovely blogged about it today (Nicole being another blogger I would love to meet in person).  Are you planning on coming? Jules tweeted about it, but it was crickets, I took it personally of course, so I was not planning on having crickets here on the blog, but I figured with a giveaway maybe you might be more inclined to come.  I am so not above bribery. I have been emailing Jules non-stop with my fear of not having time to have a face-lift, lipo and a new wardrobe by Friday (she already knows I have a winning personality so I am allowed to be superficial here).  A few of us will be dining under the stars in the City of Angels and if you are not a psycho killer perhaps you may like to join? I would love to meet you, I will be the lady with the lashes, but of course.

20 thoughts on “HAPPY EVERYTHING!

  1. dear miss b,

    can’t wait ’til your shoppe opens ..
    & gaah, how beautiful it looks here !
    such great work !

    thank you so so much for your kind
    words on the ’clown-me’ & for visiting
    my blog .. i appreciate it more than you know !

    wish you a beautiful weekend !

  2. Oh I’m kicking my self! I just moved from the LA area and I wanted to go to Holly’s book signing SO badly. Now that I know you lovely ladies are meeting up, I’m even MORE discouraged. Have a fabulous time! And I’m guessing Sept. 5th as a launch date. What ever it is, I can’t wait!

  3. i’m so excited about your shop! yay!

    and, oh, how i could have used a ‘happy everything’ stamp at work today. i would have stamped everything on my desk and my own forehead!!! because i live at my office these days, i knew nothing of the book signing, but i just rsvp’d!

    btw, i’ll guess september 13th…because i’m odd.

  4. It’s so exciting! And I love the stamp, by the way … I’m with Karissa, actually … the 12th.

    As for the ladies night out, it sounds fabulous. I do so wish I was there. Sigh.

  5. Yayeeeeee! I’m so enamored with your drive and talent…it just makes me smile big and try to figure out what the heck I can do next!!!!! I know everything will go fabulously. Can’t wait for the launch….which I am guessing will be on Sept. 10th (9/10/11….love me those cool numbered dates!).


  6. So excited to see those doors open, the links enabled, and all of your work come to fruition. Given this has been a labor of love, I’m thinking Labor Day would be quite appropriate. Hoping to see the shoppe around, say, Sept 5th?

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