This whole series of cards by Sapling Press is brilliant. So smart + cheeky. This was my favorite card and for this Monday morn, was definitely the cutest. They are all equally as witty and I am sure you will find one just perfect for you.


  1. Thank you so much for introducing me to Sapling Press–I love it!

  2. Oh I love them too! Have you seen the card about the Twilight nuts and Trekkies? Hilarious

  3. Oh Amy, you are quote welcome and yes Andrea it was so hard to choose, this whole series had me with tears in my eyes wishing I was this clever.

  4. As usual, another brilliant find. And I love unicorns. I actually have Klout in unicorns, but that’s a long story.

  5. what an awesome blog! thanks so much for posting my cards and for all the kind words.

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