Happy New Year friends! Welcome to my new virtual home. I love it! It’s like a farmhouse of blogs, nice and airy with plenty of space to spread out and get work done. I promise I will get into all the details this week of who helped me create this little beauty and why I am so excited to have been able to add so much more functionality.  I am so happy that it’s finally complete (well, it’s a work in progress, I have more to do) but I am still thrilled to have you here today.  I missed you all, truly I did and I can not wait to come back tomorrow and hang out with you. I’ll see you soon!

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the proprietress of Besotted Brand and the writer of this delightful blog. She loves (like wants to marry) Photoshop and also enjoys taking a photo or two. She recently moved from the city to the country with her husband and two pups.

20 thoughts on “HAPPY MMXIII

  1. Welcome to WordPress Tristan! You will never be sorry – I promise!! And I’m still thinking I need to order some stamps from you at some point. I need to build up some business cash and get some stuff for Sew a Fine Seam!

    1. Thank you sweet Jill! I had a little learning curve last night, I am worried I launched too many times on accident. I am SO much happier with all the space and now I can actually answer people back in the comments which is so cool! Happy New Year!

    1. Oh, Katrina, that is a HUGE compliment coming from you, thank you!!! I think I may have some fun ‘surprises’ to reveal about the design (if I can pull it off) that I think you will enjoy and I am adding you to the A-Z for the CSS classes (that I LOVED and will be doing another round this year). Happy New Year!

  2. Congrats on the new home! It’s all sorts of fabulous! Looking forward to seeing all 2013 has in store for this little bright spot on the web . . .

  3. OH THANK GOODNESS! Sweet Tristan, I have missed you greatly!

    In fact, I just got done talking you up like crazy and was missing you even more…..are you going to sell any of your kraft paper filling ever?

    Also….SO THANKFUL FOR WORDPRESS BECAUSE OF THE COMMENTING FEATURE! It brings up tears of joy just a bit!

    1. Kathy! It’s everything I thought it was going to be, it’s like my ‘big girl’ blog moving to WP! The commenting is MUCH better, I’ve wanted this for a loooong time! Thanks for the visit and kind words!

  4. bravo tristan, bravo!!!!!!! the site is gorgeous! {although, it’s probably just ME, but did something change with your url or feed address or whichever the correct term is? i have been anxiously awaiting your re-launch and did not see any new posts through my google reader and it was just by chance that i manually typed in your url in the address bar and realized you are posting again} oh, how i have missed your posts! so glad you have returned…. happy new year and new blog to you! cheers!

    1. That’s so interesting you said that! I noticed how many subscribers I had versus how many people looked (2) and I thought I must be a bomb, I will look into that, thank you!

  5. Ahhh! This is gorgeous, Tristan! I love your description of a farmhouse of blogs and its airiness. Makes me want to breathe in the freshness and beauty of it all. I can’t wait to see what’s in store in MMXIII :) Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Charmaine! I hope it’s a very exciting and productive year, I really want to accomplish a million and one things (not too ambitious, right?) Are you going to be doing a Foto project this year?

    2. Oh, I don’t doubt that you will have an amazing year, Tristan–and what a great way to welcome it with your fresh new site design! As for another Foto project–always very tempting! :)

      1. Thank you Charmaine! 13 was one of my best years (pathetic right?) so I am looking forward to this year like nobody’s business;)

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