Happy New Year!

happy by min choi for citizens of optimism via besottedHappy New Year friends!  Just popping in while my daughter is happily mushing banana slices into her curls. I know, you can’t take how glamorous my life is, right? I have so much to share with you, I am so excited to go over some of my 365 projects and of course hear about yours!  I am especially excited to share a project that Michelle and I have been working on, it’s finally here (well, almost) I will try to get that update up when E. starts smushing blueberries into our white dog (now lavender dog, tres chic) like she did yesterday! Wishing you a happy day and of course a marvelous new year!



P.S. This delightful image is from Citizens for Optimism check them out for a smile!

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. ooooooooo baby! healthy hair at your house!
    Happy New Year, beautiful Mama !
    Can’t wait to see the new! (you know I am such a fan of your brilliance!)
    I am transitioning into a new look for 2015.
    Seasons Blessings to the “B’s”!

  2. Yes, we are always coming up with big ideas, this one has been brewing for a while, but it takes me forever to do anything these days, lol!

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