I had another post slated for this a.m. but was reminded that today was June 21st, the longest day of the year and the first day of summer!  I am so sorry to my Aussie + New Zealand friends, I know that you are having a bit of a cold front and I certainly do not mean to rub it in that I will be frolicking in the sunshine soon. Okay, there won’t be much frolicking or sunshine (I can’t be in the sun with my advanced age and hyper-pigment prone skin) but, at least it will feel like summer! The previous three summers I was stuck in a windowless office for eleven plus hours a day and tomorrow the first day of summer (how many more times can I fit the word ‘summer’ into my post?) I will have two large windows in my home studio in which I can take in the glorious summer sun and golden light.  Yes, I am much happier, indeed. So on this special day I am sending you a virtual bouquet of pink peonies, I so wish I could send you the real deal but alas these will have to do.

photo by::tristan b.

4 thoughts on “HAPPY SUMMER 2011

  1. June 21 is the BEST day of the year now that I have moved 3000km north and it actually is sunny and 30 degrees (celcius)… because I get cake and presents! Winter doesn’t exist in my new town :)

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