Ah, do you see what I see?  A little blush poppy! Perhaps even two! This bouquet yielded some nice surprises! If Carnations are nature’s pom poms, Poppies must be nature’s confetti. My apartment is bursting with color. These bouquets were only $5, you’d think I would have bought six of them, they are practically giving them away.  Now that I drink coffee at home again like in the olden days (before Starbuck’s) I feel like a millionairess! I am so happy that it’s Poppy season, it makes every day a party.
::photo by:tristan b.::

5 thoughts on “POPPIES!

  1. You’re awesome and so are your photos. I’ve been stopping by a lot recently and just thought I’d let you know what I think. So there. You’re blog rocks. I feel like there should be an exclamation point in there somewhere. Here. It’s for you. !

  2. It’s amazing how flowers can brighten a room and uplift our moods. I’d have flowers all the time if I could afford it. Wish I’d come across a bunch of these pretties at that price too. Beautiful photo!

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