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philippe halsman jumps via philippe

Spontaneous, Exuberant, Energetic

We dearly miss our Inspiration Rx series and many of you have mentioned that you miss it too! So we have been wracking our full-to-bursting brains to figure out a way to give you a healthy dose of Inspiration Rx, but in a more efficient, highly concentrated way. Our solution? Every week we’ll bring you an image (we will be featuring both new artists as well as icons you should know) with 3 words or statements that come to mind for us when looking at this image. Use one of those words as a prompt, or the image itself to springboard your next creative exercise!

We chose Philippe Halsman because his images personified our current frame of mind + moods, we are currently in full on ‘hooray and jumping for joy mode’ here. His images were also very innovative for the period he shot them in where there was much emphasis on serious glamour he photographed the most glamorous in these joyful jumps. His portraiture is equally as creative and charming, You can visit his galleries here.

 What do you think? Are you motivated by one of these prompts? How about the images?

 As always, we want to see your work! Leave a link to your project in the comments, or use the hashtag #inspirationrx on Instagram!

P.S. Here’s an interview with Mr. Halsman by Leonard Nimoy. I love how he starts by saying that Philippe Halsman has recorded history in a “brilliant and beautiful way”, we concur!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration Rx | Philippe Halsman

  1. Wonderful! I need a creative prompt and hope to design something with this prompt! Super excited for you guys and all the amazing success your are having with Foto RX :) My mood has been quite low these days so an infusion of excitement and creativity is quite appreciated!

    1. Ursula, I am so happy to see you are excited about this! We might have a very popular photographer joining in soon, I was pretty excited to hear she was interested in inspiration rx too! I’m sorry about your mood, we all get into that funk , it took me forever after baby arrived to feel ‘normal’ so I hope it passes soon;)

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