It’s Friday?  Mon Dieu!  This just may have been the fastest week of my adult life. I had no idea it was Friday already?! I have been busier than usual with my freelance work and setting up the shop, it’s hard for me to be my usual self and get distracted by something shiny. I wanted to pop in and wish you all a happy weekend and also to sing the praises of my Iphone.  I love my Iphone, but I love the camera feature even more.  I used to carry around a Canon Elph with me everywhere and thought I was so cool to own such a sleek + compact machine, but the Iphone is so much faster, smaller and discreet. Dare I say I love it more than my DSLR?  No, like children I can’t have favorites now can I?  My mom didn’t (okay, we all knew my brother was her favorite). I shot a lot with the Iphone when I was away on business last week and my most favorite captures were the ones that were not planned and on the spot (I am usually not known for my spontaneity, photography has given me that luxury). I worked a lot with finding the right light for my cameraphone and playing with reflective surfaces to create the double exposure effect I love with my toy cameras.  I know there’s an app for multi-exposures but I have to always do things the hard way, it’s my nature. I have tried some alternate printing techniques to get the images from my phone to print. I am quite happy with the results but it’s time consuming and I would love to know if anyone has a resource that they love for printing their cameraphone shots in a click or are you not printing them out (I am guilty as charged for not printing out a lot of my digital shots, I have a baptism, Christmas party and 60th birthday that have not seen the light of day). 
I gave the Fancy my first Iphone when I upgraded our contract and I have many, many anecdotes that I will share with you about that.  The Fancy, ahem ‘Ace’ as he prefers to be called on my blog is basically Larry David trapped in a young, hot guys body, so you may be able to garner what kind of rhetoric he has been spewing.  Fancy/Ace is good at everything he tries, so his Iphone photo’s already surpass mine, but I don’t want to feed his ego (or crush mine) so I tell him, ‘yeah, I guess you’re getting the hang of it’.  How’s that for support? If you lived with a Larry David clone you would do the same thing too, trust me….

7 thoughts on “IPHONE HOMAGE

  1. No I don’t! I will go download now. I mainly use the camera that comes with the phone and then Photoshop. For apps I use the CP Pro (takes FOREVER to load, Picture Show (love their light leaks), for emailing I love the Shakeitphoto (so cute, like Polaroids),I have the Hipstamtic but don’t use much and Monochromia. I am still a novice:)

  2. I use Camera+ because it allows you to control the white balance, and it has some wonderful filters. And have tried the Flare app? (You can get that for your desktop, too at the App Store.) It has wonderful light leak filters and presets.

  3. Hi Miss B! If you use Instagram – which is great – you can send yourself postcards of those images in one click with Postagram. Pretty fun stuff :)

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