A few weeks ago I was contracted to do some freelance work for a potential client in Malibu.  It was supposed to be a one-off job and the day I went to meet them I didn’t bring a camera to document the drive.  Fast forward to the present and I was invited back to Malibu but this time with the intention of working with these lovely folks for a a few glorious months.  I am thrilled (and relieved) that they hired my firm (me) to take over their new branding project. I have always wanted to be able to work with a brand that took my sage advice and thought that all my ideas were fabulous.  Bonus, when I visit them I will be driving down a highway with coastal views that are so breathtakingly beautiful that I have to pinch myself that it’s not a scene from a movie. I am feeling rather fortunate. Get ready for a lot more ocean photo’s in the coming months because unlike the first trip I will not be forgetting my camera.
I know it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday in the states but I want to wish all the Mother’s (fur baby ‘mom’s’ included) the greatest day ever this weekend!

foto by::tristan b.

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  1. Thank you everyone! I hope I can do a ‘reveal’ as well. My brain has been an explosion of ideas for this company, and I am on a creative high so I hope they like the offering as much as I am enjoying putting it together for them:)

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