I came across this perfect package of what looked like my Bella, whilst looking for something totally unrelated, which I would tell you what it was if I could remember but like so many of my futile internet searches I got easily sidetracked, saw something shiny and that was that.  The photo’s that I found of the Laduree truffle package were a little too small for my blog so I decided to try my hand at rendering a digital oil painting. I am not great with the Wacom tablet which is what I use when I am trying to ‘paint’ in Photoshop (or clean up some of my photo mishaps.) The Fancy didn’t think it looked like a painting at all so I added the canvas texture in hopes that it would look more realistic. Painting in Photoshop beats cleaning up a mess of oil-based paints any day, bonus I didn’t kill any of my already rapidly depleting brain cells!  Truth be told when I was done I felt very Janet Hill-esque minus the enormous talent of course.


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