I will be editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012::Project MMXII, this is my ‘after’, you can view the ‘before’ here.

Okay,  I know that this may look like all I am doing is posting edits, I promise I won’t make this my edit only blog, but I think it’s a slow week in the blogosphere and I am busy outside in the ‘real’ world, so let me use the slow week rationale to not update my blog properly.  I do need to take a photograph of probably one of the most amazing gifts I have ever received (besides my pup George). It should make you so jealous, okay, maybe not.  I still can’t wait to show it off (or be a show-off). I am pretty lucky.  Did I neglect to mention that I will be announcing a Souvenir Foto School class soon? Oh yes, for those that don’t know what it is stay tuned, it’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
This edit wasn’t so bad, I had some powerful assistance from a trial product I downloaded from Nik Software.  I’ve always liked this photo even though there was a lot wrong with it (as you may be able to infer a lot of my photographs have a lot wrong with them). I loved that it felt so Victorian, partly because of the subject in the bell jar but also the aberrations in the glass lent it an aged appearance almost looking like tears on an old photograph.  With the Color Efex filters I was able to bring back a lot of lost detail without introducing more noise. I would think this filter alone would be worth the price, but there’s a whole slew of creative filters to play with. For a hobbyist photographer the price is out of my range, but it’s fun to play with for the next 15 days and put on my future wish list of things to buy if I one day I fall into some excess cash that doesn’t need to go to bills or savings.

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