We had a tidal wave of inquiries asking when the next Souvenir Foto School session was going to start.  We knew we wanted to take a month off from our last class, since shooting every day for a month is not easy. I think everyone that finished the class felt a huge sense of accomplishment and we saw improvement in spades. Souvenir Foto School was created to focus on creative captures and all of our classes have revolved around that concept, but we really felt though that we should teach a class that helped you become a better photographer.  We are not a photo 101, but we know that if we taught these principles in an accessible way that we could help you take better photos in one lesson.  How do we know that?  We have watched as students in our classes took our feedback and started applying it to their photographs, there was immediate improvement and instead of it feeling restricting to utilize these principles it lent itself to more creativity.  Both myself and my co-professor Michelle never cease to be amazed by the talent that is revealed in these classes.  We plan to add many testimonials and ‘before’ and ‘afters’ for you to peruse if you are considering making the investment into the next class. I thought I would leave a link for you with a ‘before’ and ‘after’ from one of our former students, her improvement blew us away. We have encouraged her to sell the images from her last class (and we sure hope she takes our unsolicited advice!). If you want to learn more about the April session come visit us here.



  1. Hi Rosi, it will be either March 30th or when we sell out of spaces. We try to keep the class to a limited amount of students so we can make sure to give everyone attention. We sold out fairly quickly last time and we gave first dibs on places to everyone on our mailing list:)

  2. Hi. I am interested in the class but would love to see more testimonials and before & afters. I consider myself an intermediate photographer (I always shoot manual and in raw and try to shoot creatively), and I am concerned this might be too beginner for me. However, I am looking for inspiration, and I did a flickr search for photos for this class in past sessions and felt like your kind of inspiration might be what I am looking for right now. Is there anything you can tell me to help me make my decision?

  3. Deidre, it is more a sense of community than a 101 class, all levels. We want our students shooting and thinking creatively. This is very different than any of our other classes. If you want a strictly creative class than I would wait for the next A-Z, Food + Foto or Flora + Foto:)

    Aaaaahtse, this is NOT a photoshop class, editing class or 101. So absolutely if you want to improve your photography before you ever learn the digital darkroom than this is a great class!

  4. hi miss b.
    i signed up for the class and can’t wait. i was just wondering if you’ll be sending out confirmations before the class starts? i only received a paypal receipt so far. thanks.

    mrs. b.

  5. Thank you. I am almost certain I will wait as I am having a hard time keeping up with the online community I already have and do really mostly want creative inspiration. Any idea when Food + Foto (which sounds ideal to me) or one of the other classes will be offered again? There’s still a possibility you’ll see me. I have another day.

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