Feather’s, so endlessly fascinating, so dramatic.  The Fancy doesn’t like birds or feathers much, they are dirty and carry diseases, (some we may not have discovered yet) and by my bringing the feathers into the flat I have basically served up a death sentence and brought in some strain of bubonic plague.  Okay, birds are fine with him if they are in the sky but not in our house. Yes, we’ve had not one but TWO birds fly into our apartment and he nearly had a heart attack.  You would have thought an escaped Wildebeest was in our livingroom instead of a confused little sparrow.   This feather was so diminutive in size that he never even noticed its presence in our home, which is a good thing because no photographer likes a neurotic man screaming in their ear–‘Are you nuts?  Who knows what you will catch?”, when they are trying to photograph their subject.  When I was editing this I wanted to try to recreate the feel of a salt print (one of the oldest photo development techniques).  I wanted to bring a lot more warmth to the image because my ‘before’ photo was looking a little on the chilly side (okay, a lot on the chilly side).
One of my goals this year is to be able to try my hand in the darkroom with some alternative photo processing one of these salt printing kits may be in order. I already have the supplies for some Cyanotypes (I got a kit for my birthday!) I just haven’t had any time to experiment (yet). I will soon, I just need to decide on a subject, not my strong suit the ol’ decision making.

3 thoughts on “MMXI::EIGHTEEN

  1. So beautiful. Lovely and warm and totally reminiscent of the salt prints.

    And hilarious about The Fancy and his bird-phobia. It’s the cute things like that that make us love our partners!

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