I think you need to click over and see the ‘before’ to really appreciate the work that went into this edit.  I had heat stroke the afternoon I shot this but I probably sweat more trying to create this end image.  I must have changed the colors of the balloon and sky 3,000 times before I settled on a vintage peachy pink, not too peach, not too pink.  I only wish that I had control over everyone’s screen calibration so your image would look exactly like mine does.  Since I don’t have that kind of control, I will have to throw caution to the wind and hope it doesn’t look muddy on your end.  I have become aware of two things since I started this project seven days ago 1) I need to really practice my photography skills these ‘before’s’ are absolutely killing me 2) Time flies.  I had to check several times to make sure that it really was day seven. 
If anyone wants to join me don’t be shy, I have a little Flickr group set up with just myself as the only member and as we all know misery loves company. For those that are doing 365’s or 52’s feel free to add your before and afters to the group.

9 thoughts on “MMXI::SEVEN

  1. Get out of town! This is fantastic! I can’t believe this came from that before shot. (Didn’t I say the same thing about the Hollywood sign?) The color is amazing. I’m partial to pink anyway, but you hit the nail on the head here.

    I need to warn you that if you make these as downloads, there is a possibility that I will turn my house into a shrine of your photography. I am LOVING all these pics. This is a really fun project to follow.

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