This was actually taken today with my Iphone.  I almost never upload or edit my Iphone photo’s, they are even more neglected than the photo’s that make it to the ‘attic’ on my computer. I figured maybe I should start transfering the photo’s each day from my phone to the computer so the phone images can  commiserate with the photo’s that are just laying there in wait on my hard drive.  I didn’t process it with any apps prior, I just brought it into my digital darkroom and started fiddling. I am a big fiddler.  I edited it two ways, here’s the other version. For those that want to gloat here’s my ‘before’.  I mentioned on Flickr that showing my ‘before’s’ is going to give me an ulcer.  This seems like the psychic equivalent of showing up to school in your pajamas (remember that dream when you were a kid?)  Humiliating.  I am just going to work through this hurdle of showing my photo’s without any make-up on.  I am hoping that it will force me to just shoot better ‘before’ photo’s. What a novel idea…

7 thoughts on “MMXI::THREE

  1. Well I just found you and now I must forever stock you and watch every single thing you do. Sorry to be creepy, but sometimes these things are necessary for design purposes.



  2. I have to tell you, I just came upon your blog and am completely… well, besotted! I’m just loving your aesthetic, and I can’t wait to read through your archives. And I’ve been pinning your photos left and right on Pinterest. :) Looking forward to more from ya!

  3. Beautiful! One of my goals this year is to have better pictures, however I get there. I’d settle for being able to doctor them up as well as you have done here. :)

  4. I am so pleased you are posting the before pictures, it is really nice to see how you work on them and make what are already lovely pictures even lovelier. Thank you!

  5. Hello everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by and even better that you left me these little notes via the comments, I am thrilled!

    Miss April, not creepy, be careful I may stalk you back;)

    Miss Catherine Thank you for the compliment, I too thought it has an eery found in the attic vibe.

    Miss Chelsea, I think I love you! You are the first person to tell me they were Besotted I feel like you deserve a prize, perhaps when I launch the store that can be arranged.

    Miss Jenni please join one of my Souvenir Foto Classes, I should be announcing soon, they are free and the way to to improve is by shooting.

    Miss Ellie, I am glad you like that part, it’s going to force me to become a better photographer, seriously the before’s now are KILLING me to post;)

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