I decided to channel photographer Nick Brandt for this edit of one of the most stunning creatures I’ve had the pleasure to have in front of my humble lens.  To truly appreciate the hours this transformation took, yes hours, you need to view the ‘before’ photo. My photo to begin with wasn’t as crisp as Mr. Brandt’s, he being a professional with glass more expensive than my car and my having borrowed a lens from my unpaid intern. I am convinced if I had a better lens and I too was on the Serengeti mere feet from this giraffe I would have a sharp shot. Alas, I was basically shooting with a plastic tube so this is the best I have to offer. I took some creative license by adding in the clouds from another shoot, I did this because as mentioned I was trying to emulate Brandt’s beautiful shots and they have a proliferation of dramatic skies.  I on the other hand shot this at high noon, sweating like a beast with the clearest expanse of blue sky you ever did see.

If you would like to join me on this wild and woolly photo editing adventure I would welcome the company.  I set up a Flickr group here and it’s open to anyone who has decided to take a bite of the crazy cake.  This project is not for everyone, in fact probably not for most but if you want to dedicate yourself to a photo project and feel like you just leave your photo’s on your hard drive or gasp the card reader and they just sit there wishing they were adopted and didn’t have you as a parent than come join me.  I am feeling more creative already.

5 thoughts on “MMXI::TWO

  1. Wow! You did so wonderfully with the photographing AND editing. I am a bit biased, as giraffes are one of my most favorite animals, but I love this photograph.

    Wandered over to your blog from Creature Comforts, and am definitely bookmarking your blog! :)

  2. Hi, I followed the link from Creature Comforts and I’m blown away! Beautiful, artistic editing. Are you going to give tutorials? I haven’t really had the patience to sit down and edit one photo for hours, but with this as inspiration, I just might!

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