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The internet has changed my life, indeed it has and it continues to do so on a daily basis. I am so happy to be alive during this exciting time in the world.  I have been around since before they had touch tone phones, remote controls (you would have to actually get up off the sofa and turn a dial), before color television sets and even before mobile phones. Computers when I was a kid were so huge they took up an entire room!  Every time I use my Iphone I feel like I have become part of the future I only dreamed of when I was a kid. Although, as a kid I was hoping that I could take a pill that would be a meal instead of having to sit down for dinner. Food was not of interest to me back then and only impeded my ‘me’ time, a dinner ‘pill’ seemed like it would be something they should have in the future. I digress. What I am trying to get across is the many opportunities that are now available to both you and myself and the latest one is Skillshare.  You may know about this wonderful place already, or heard of it and have neglected to check it out or like me just recently came upon it. It’s a brilliant concept wherein people share their knowledge either via on-line courses or live ones. The classes are all very reasonably priced (think in the $10-$35 range) and some are even miraculously free! I haven’t taken one yet, but as part of my 2013 goals I want to learn more (of everything), I will be signing up for some. I plan to take some web design courses as I hate to feel so out of the loop on web design and I am sure my web coder could use a few less annoying S.O.S. emails from moi. There’s a cool video class that’s coming up that looks right up my alley, I have high hopes to get better at video this year and add that element to the blog via tutorials, interviews and the like.  I missed the flower arranging course, but I have always wanted to learn that skill. I love the variety of courses that are available, the community looks nice and active and the price is right.  Have any of you ever taken or taught a Skillshare course?  I would love to hear about your experience! Or any on-line classes that you may know about that I can add to the directory would be great!

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  1. So glad you shared this! I can’t wait to go over the list of courses. I have already signed up to get their emails. I have been trying to find some similar web design, photoshop courses as well. Here is what I found:

    They look good and would help with my vision of how I want things to look (instead of me complaining about how they do look).

    1. Rebecca I highly recommend Nicole’s Classes! I took a really fun Illustrator pattern class with Alma and I learned so much. They are a little more spendy than I can afford on a regular basis, but join their mailing list and sometimes they offer classes 50% off!

  2. I have yet to take a class, but know it is an awesome concept! I too was around before all this amazing technology…born in the 70’s, oh yeah…I’m with you-so happy to live in this connected world.

  3. I’ve taken a bunch of classes on Skillshare already, and I really love it. When they first started, there weren’t online classes, and most of the on-location classes were in big cities like LA and New York, so I was super bummed. But now with their online classes, anyone can participate and you can take them at your own pace.

    I have found that there is a definite difference between the traditional classroom setting and online Skillshare classes. Often, classes really lack the discussion and participation (some teachers are better than others at encouraging this type of environment). Especially with the free classes, there may be a ton of people enrolled, but only a couple that actually complete projects or take the time to give feedback. I’m hoping Skillshare continues to evolve their online platform to encourage this kind of collaboration. But so far they’re off to a great start, and it’s really exciting to see the breadth of classes offered!

  4. This is awesome! Especially when you live in a smaller city and there are very few interesting classes around anywhere. Bookmarking for my summer vacation time that’s for sure!

  5. This sounds amazing! I would also like to take some web design classes too, as well as Photoshop. I see someone else above posted about Nicole’s classes and I was reading about those on the web, too! Thanks for the tip about the email list – I will make sure to subscribe!

    1. Sara, I am going to take the next one they have! I also took the Pugly Pixel CSS class which was good price + Katrina is a very good teacher:)

  6. I love Skillshare too! I took the flower arranging class with Rachel and it was amazing! I can send my notes if you want! I would love if she did another class!

    1. I am so envious!!! I want to take that class so badly! Are you actually using the techniques that you learned? I am considering taking the Chelsea Fuss class at Nicole’s Classes, because I LOVE Chelsea’s work, but it’s a little out of my budget right now!

    1. Hanna, that class looks SO amazing! I emailed that link to a good friend because she’s an amazing illustrator! I can’t wait to see your work:)

  7. yes! skillshare is fantastic! I’m currently taking intro to iu design taught by meg lewis from ghostly ferns and it’s fantastic! I wish I could take all of the classes! I love to learn new things!

    1. Monica, let me know how that class goes, it was one of the ones I wanted to take! I too want to take all the classes!

  8. Wow, I need waaaay more hours during the day and take some of their classes! Thank you for posting this resource.
    In fact, I have been looking for online classes like these for awhile… Now to find the time to actually take a class :)

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