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It was a no brainer that on a beauty week the font I was going to choose to highlight would be the one used on the Nars packaging. Helvetica is a classic (they even made a documentary on it). It is one of my all time favorite fonts and I used it in various weights for the branding of my former PR company.  If I were to pull together a new logo for my brand consulting I would most likely use it again. Elegant, modern, classic, it just resonates with my minimalist vibe. Although the Nars collection launched in 1994 the packaging still feels fresh and elegant in its simplicity. This is such an excellent example of ‘less is more’. When you are designing, cut the fat, see what you can pull out, watch for things that may date your brand. I have made many a design mistake in my career, fallen into the trap of designing to please an audience instead of sticking with what I revere and I can tell you it always backfires. Find some fonts that exemplify your aesthetic I have my list, even though I will throw in a handful of hand lettered fonts for interest sometimes in things that are more ephemeral like an email blast for a client or a blog post, I won’t use a hand writing font for something like a logo (actual lettering is a different story) I don’t stray too far from my base.

How about you, are there fonts that you just adore? Let us know, we love to hear from you and I do have to say I was pleasantly surprised by last weeks font discovery as that is a font I would have never even looked at twice and now I am trying to find ways to incorporate it into projects!


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Fave Nars Cosmetics: Blush, lipgloss, illuminator, bronzer, body glow

Nars bio-This man is amazing, not only is he the founder/creative director of his namesake company, he’s also the in-house photographer and copywriter!

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    1. Kara, I was very impressed (and inspired) I love when people are multi-talented and successful, it makes me feel less upset with myself when I have trouble focusing, lol.

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