Naomi Shiek is the winner of our custom calligraphy stationery stamp! Wow, what a tongue twister.  I chose Naomi because A) she really went above and beyond to spread the word (thank you!) B) I really felt she wanted this stamp badly and would actually use it.  I REALLY want people using the offerings because I selfishly want to bask in the glory when I see their creations and know I had a hand in their creative springboard.  It’s a really amazing feeling I tell you, to know that you can potentially become part of someones creative process even in the most minute way. I hadn’t really thought of that aspect of it until you all started commenting and I realized how truly collaborative these stamps will be.  I do hope when we launch I have people sending in their images to me, I would love to share them here.
Speaking of creativity Naomi is very creative + talented, an illustrator, papercut and textile artist whatever medium she chooses she shines with originality, you definitely should pop by her shop.
Thank you again to everyone that entered, for those that didn’t win this round please don’t fret I do plan to offer more giveaways and I am going to be rolling out apothecary soon and will need lots of testers so I hope you are all up for that as well!  Winners please email me with your addresses so I can start packing those prizes.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
P.S.  I will be answering your questions in the comments in an upcoming post.

One thought on “NAOMI SHIEK IS A WINNER!

  1. Oh my Gosh! I was awake for over 48 hours straight and I just got got up from my first 8 hours sleep in a week a little loopy (first thing I do is check emails and read blogs, I know, I’m an addict) and this post was at the top of my reading list! What a surprise!!! I didn’t realize what I was reading there for a second. Happy day to me!

    Thank you, I really, really, really do want it, an it will get used!:) Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words as well, you made me blush!

    Wow, Christmas has come early on your blog. Congrats to all the other winners, too!

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