Happy Monday!  I am getting pretty excited about November, I have a blog re-design that should be launching (crossing my fingers) and I have a very special month planned for you, October has been non-stop prepping. I definitely am going to be asking you soon about what you would like to see here at my little home on the interwebs, but that’s for another post.

I got in some new inventory this weekend,  I am just starting to shoot it but will definitely have in the shop soon.  Some of the items I am bringing in now are amazing vintage finds that I picked up for the shop. I have beautiful vintage globes, the world’s cutest mini silver-plated urn and more!  I have been wanting to bring in select vintage items to the shop for awhile and hope that you like what treasures I have discovered. I also just got in a tiny version of the Trove alphabet stamp at an outstanding price (compared to its big sister). I have been using this stamp on tags, seals and small slips of paper to write notes, it’s teeny but a surprisingly useful size. I thought it might be fun to give a few away this week, what do you think?  Just re-pin this and leave me the letter of your choice in the comments on Pinterest, if you aren’t on Pinterest and prefer to Tweet or FB it by all means do so and leave your letter choice here. I will announce the winners next Monday.  Good luck!

P.S. Just in case you don’t know my Etsy shop has free shipping for the entire month of October! The code is TREATNOTRICK31!


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