Another sneak peek at the new Besotted Brand offerings, these are our Archive labels.  The labels–oh the labels.  Yes, this little label project has been both one of my greatest joys and the bane of my paper obsessed existence.  After many calculations I figured I would be making negative $5 on every order,  of the labels but you know what?  I don’t care!  Let’s put me in the hole, these are too amazing not to share with the world, am I right?  I have always had the ability to do these as sheets and even created templates in both Illustrator and Word but I never wanted to sell sheets, because I didn’t want frustrated emails of faulty home printer jobs (I’m a professional and I still have problems with printing), but I just may do it anyway with a disclaimer, buy sheets AT OWN RISK printing at home has been known to drive one to drink.  It’s okay, for those that don’t have a desire to turn to booze there will be  labels to be had that you can stamp, write on, do transfers on what have you.

The first batches will be in Jet, a beautiful deep black on the Besotted Brand signature stock in creme. It’s a really nice soft white colour, not too yellow, not too white with a light texture.  They feel rich.  You will be labeling everything you can think of.  I used one of our fine crimson stamps in the photo above (I need to make myself look larger, you know it’s just me and my dogs now, right?) that reads ‘cheers’.  I love a good ‘cheers’ feels so very English and since I am obviously besotted with the English (AND the French, Italians, Spanish Scandinavians et al…) you shall see their influences throughout my designs. If you aren’t signed up for the launch you won’t be privy to any of the specials and yes, there will be specials coming.  I have a number in my head that when we reach that on the list I will open shop and I will start doling out specialness, so tell a friend or two or three…


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