I can not believe it’s Friday, this week just flew by for me!  I have just received an enormous inventory haul at the studio and have been unpacking, styling + photographing items like a mad person, trying to write descriptions and get everything uploaded–I need to clone myself!  I don’t have big plans for the weekend only to be able to show off new wares here next week (I know I am totally wild, right?).  I will announce another custom stamp winner on Monday and she sure is lucky that the dates are wrong for me because the stamp turned out so cute and I really wanted to keep it for myself!  I have the ‘centering your stamp’ tutorial shot now I just need to find a free sec to edit it, hopefully I can post that for you by Tuesday of next week.  Have I mentioned that the Besotted Brand mailing list is privy to special discounts and gets to preview new items before they launch in the shop. That’s correct! Last month all BB list subscribers got a 50% discount for a one full week,  on everything in the shop!  Plus those on the list got some of the new stationery in their orders, always a little something ‘extra’ be it a small token or upgraded shipping.  If you love fine design (and I know you do), then I highly recommend you sign-up today to be in the loop for the next secret discount code reveal . Don’t worry, emails only go out about once a month (if I remember) and they are always worth the extra (minute) space they will take up in your inbox!
For the product photography tip–If you noticed on this image my white was a little blue, that’s because I was wearing navy; I usually wear white when I shoot my products so my clothes don’t add a color cast to the image.  I don’t think it matters much in other types of photography, but product photography on a white background is very susceptible to rogue color casts from the clothes you don. It’s a little tip that I think makes a world of difference, so put on that white t-shirt and get to shooting!
Happy Weekend to you!


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