I hope you don’t mind me indulging in a little ‘show & tell’ as I unpack what feels like hundreds of boxes of inventory.  I would be overwhelmed but I am way too excited to see how everything turned out.  These new kraft round boxes are a wee bit bigger than the favor boxes but they hold a surprisingly large amount of items for their size.  All these kraft rounds are extra sturdy so they take paint really well; so go ahead and bust out the acrylics, or spray paint them, even decoupage them they are ready for whatever craftiness you have in store.  The best part is you can dress these up or down. Use a double-sided satin ribbon (my choice is jet black) for contrast or some Parcel twine to keep it clean, simple + rustic. Use them for your bridal party gifts, packaging your handmade jewelry, gifting Grandma’s excellent brownies, or even to organize your work area, really the options are endless! And yes, I will be adding an even larger size soon!

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