Clean + minimal editing, Scandi style!

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I know I am easily excitable but today I really, really am excited to announce the launch of Stockholm | Clean x Minimal our new photo processing Photoshop actions. The new set is Nordic/Scandinavian inspired-muted tones, bright light, clean whites. This set has both Michelle and I truly inspired, we have been on a flat lay photo taking frenzy. We both got some print worthy Iphone shots after a 2 minute visit to a local rock shop, this set has instantly been added to our regular photo editing rotation. We know how hard it is to find ‘your look’, we also know how important it is to create a cohesive visual presence for your brand, if you have been yearning to recreate the look that all the Scandinavian bloggers have seemed to effortlessly master then we have you covered. Our processing tools are one click edits with the option to refine even further. We know this is going to become a favorite (it’s one of ours)! We have a little preview before + afters below and tips on achieving this look before you start editing!


Now let’s get into some tips shall we?  You aren’t going to get a clean + minimal look if your photos have a bunch of chaos in them. The key to a minimal look is to keep it simple! Humans are attracted to odd numbers, so when you are styling keep that in mind. We mentioned previously using a wider angle lens, if you don’t have the budget to buy a wider lens or to rent one, your mobile phone will do just fine as it is a wider lens (allowing you to get more in the photo, more white space that is). Light! Light the all important factor to good photographs, when you are photographing indoors make sure that all of your electric lights are turned off, they will give off a yellow cast, you want to avoid unnecessary color casts. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we get a lot of blue light, if you have a manual camera set your white balance so you can avoid correcting blue color casts later on, the point here is to try to get the image as good as you can in camera, just a couple small tweaks and you are on your way, ready to edit! Michelle made a quick video so you can see for yourself how quick and simple editing can be with Stockholm! All resources linked below.

If you have any questions, just let us know in the comments!


Live Edit Video

Stockholm Clean x Minimal Set

Photoshop CC

Wide angle lens

White board

Scandinavian blog inspo- I . II . III . IIII

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  1. Can you please tell me where to get/buy the action for the clean and minimal Stockholm style. Can you help me? It looks so beautyful.


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