The flag labels are back in stock! Seriously, it took long enough. I have thoroughly stocked up on inventory on these babies again. Starting a new retail enterprise, one hopes to know what will sell, but honestly I had no idea what was going to. I thought the Archive labels in a classic color would be more popular than say the ones in the vintage aqua. The flag labels, well I didn’t realize these would be the belle’s of the Besotted Brand ball or I would have been ready for the onslaught of flag fever.  This was actually one of the first products I designed for Besotted Brand. That was many moons ago and a pretty hefty initial investment in something I wasn’t even sure would work.  I justified the investment by telling myself that if they didn’t sell I would be happy to have these labels in my stationery stash. I am wondering now if I should try the Archive label in another colorway? I love muted colors but they don’t always translate well.  I am thinking greige, vintage red (almost a muted pink), blush or…? I am always open to suggestions, because gosh knows I’d do just about anything for you.  I am super co-dependent that way and my world revolves around making you happy.  Healthy, right?