An open letter to Carnations…
Dear Carnations:
I am humbly apologizing to you and your family for turning my very pointy nose up to you on so many occasions.  It is with great humility that I write this today as you have really stepped it up. No longer are you relegated to the roadside stand, or mere filler in a drugstore bouquet, no you have graduated to Mother Nature’s pom pom and I am happy to be celebrating my birthday with you.  The ballerina tutu petals you created with the slight fringe, in shades of coral and deep pink have made me change my mind.  All clustered in bushels, your warm clove like scent perfuming every inch of my tiny apartment have brought a wide smile to my face.  I usually eschew color but your bright pops were the perfect way to bid adieu to the last day of summer, today is that day, I know most of North America thinks it’s Labor Day, but they would be wrong, it’s today.  Tomorrow we will wake up and it will be fall, a new season but you won’t mind you will still be blooming in Technicolor colors  throughout the year, sharing your pom pom presence with those willing to give you a second look . You are are a hard worker little Carnations and I am honored that you have picked this day to grace your presence on my little world.
Miss B.
::photo by miss tristan b.::

11 thoughts on “DEAR CARNATIONS…

  1. Great post, the first flowers I ever received was a huge bunch of red carnations, at the time I thought it was real skimpy on my boyfriend’s (my now husband) side to give me carnations ;) Through the years I have really come to love carnations and also their scent!

  2. My mother has always had a thing for carnations, much to my chagrin, but I must admit that they do look stunning in this photo. Happy Birthday Miss B!

  3. Poor carnations … they do get the short end of the stick … the roadside, cheap boyfriends, and funerals, at the very least. But his photo! They do look like pom poms! :)

    And seeing how I’m a day late–a very Merry Un-Birthday to you! Maybe the celebration just keep on keepin’ on!

  4. I learned to love carnations while working at my mother-in-law’s flower shop. They go very well mixed in with other flowers if you want a fluffy texture for a bouquet. Carnation leis can be especially gorgeous. They key to getting your carnations from the corner or the grocery store to look nice is to just take your thumb and fluff the petals out, they are hearty flowers and can withstand some handling.

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