Miss B.:   Oh look at that pretty light!  Bella, do you want Mommy to take your picture?
Bella:      Sheesh lady, can you not see that I am totally comfortable?  Don’t you have enough photos of me already? It’s nap time.
Miss B.:  Pretty please?
Bella: Seriously? Sigh…You aren’t going away are you?

Miss B.:  Was that necessary?
Bells:     Completely.
Miss B.: Come on, if you cooperate this will go by so much faster.

Bells: Don’t you have some packing to do? Okay, okay, I’ll pose for one shot, but then you have to leave me alone.
Miss B.: Pinky promise.

Bells:  I’ve been working on this pose for awhile, it’s a little introspective. What do you think?
Miss B.: Not too shabby. Nope, not too shabby at all.


  1. Mrs. Soup & Anna, Bella sends her love, she would send kisses, but kissing isn’t her thing, hah. Lena, I am flattered, not that I have anything to do with her cuteness, it’s a good thing she is so adorable since she is as naughty as she is cute. Total trouble + attitude, lol.

  2. Deborah, lol, you noticed the negative space? Yes, I think that is something I gravitate towards and ‘fill the frame’ I am a one trick pony, hah!

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