Digitize your lettering + illustrations!

Digitize your lettering and illustrations giveaway calligraphy.org and foto rx

I love when things come full circle, don’t you?  What seems like a lifetime ago I had an itch to try my hand at calligraphy, something more modern/contemporary. Only a handful of artists were out there and I actually had the nerve to contact Betsy Dunlap to ask if she would teach me (she didn’t do that sort of thing). You see at the time there was NO where to learn how to do this. I didn’t know what supplies to buy, I didn’t no where to start, there were no tutorials, there were no classes, it was so frustrating. Read More

Repairing vintage photographs | fast + easy!


My love for Photoshop continues to grow each and every day, but even more so with our new Foto Rx set that is in the works–Vintage Foto Fix. I LOVE vintage photos and have collected quite a few, I am partial to beach scenes and people in love, even better if the vintage photo is of people in love on the beach! Last week we reached out and asked our friends and community to send us some cherished photos to repair.Read More

White home printers

White printer round up via besotted

We moved almost six months ago and with that moved we downsized considerably, which meant I lost my ‘Cloffice’ (my office in a closet). It was a fairly large closet and I had an ancient, but fully functioning laser printer workhorse. I knew that when I set-up my new work space it would need to be out in the open in a shared space so I didn’t want a giant eyesore of a printer (with no wifi capability so it couldn’t be tucked away somewhere more inconspicuous). I didn’t need anything fancy as I don’t do any professional printing at home anymore, but the convenience of having a printer? I can’t believe I went 6 long months without one! My desk/office area is all white both because I love white but also because it seems to feel like it blends and disappears more and doesn’t shout ‘hey I have an office in my living room’, I was on the futile hunt for a simple white printer and let me tell you it was no easy feat to locate. I thought maybe others might be looking for one as well and so I did a quick roundup of some. There is nothing fancy about these printers (although most have wifi and print from tablet or mobile, and they are all under $100), the one I bought was $50USD, the ink replacement is about the same price! I hope you found this useful, links below to the printers featured and our current fave printer paper.


Fig. o1

Fig. 02

Fig. 03

More white printers to peruse

Michelle’s fave printer paper (it’s so nice)

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Besotted with :: Watercolor Markers

winsor newton watercolor pen with brush review via besotted blog

Have you ever tried watercolor markers yet? We were recently introduced to watercolor markers and have been duly impressed! The one featured in the photo is by Winsor & Newton and is professional grade, it was the first we tried and we wanted to give you our first impressions. The one we purchased is a dual tip, one for detail work and a brush tip for covering larger areas. As you can see from the photo you do get a beautiful even wash of color that is very true to the original watercolor medium. For sake of convenience, we are putting together a quick PROS + CONS, this is by no means extensive as we have only tried this one brand but we are eager to try more!Read More