Besotted with…Friday Faves!


So much to write about this week, but so little time. Now that we have even a modicum of sunshine it feels a shame to sit in front of the computer, right?  But because we adore you and need to let some of this information overload out we are here to share (feel free to do the same!) If you have any suggestions please do drop us a line!

I. We think you’ll find photographer Jonathan Higbee’s ‘World of Coincidences‘ worthy of a click through.

II. It seems a lot of book publishers are adding little cinematic goodies to entice readers, we think this one for Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance is just perfect.

III. The bird based system that eventually became Pantone-Fascinating!

IV. I decided that I was going to jump on the #100dayproject bandwagon (yes, a few days behind) , because I obviously don’t have enough on my plate, right?  I am going to attempt a 100 days of florals both drawing (maybe painting?) and photographs. I’m just going to explore, why not? If you want to join in, you can read about it here!  Famous designer would teach a 100 day workshop at Yale, his most successful student was Ely Kim who did Boombox (you’re welcome).

V. 9 year old captions New Yorker cartoon and is killing it with her wit.

Photo prompt :: An object study

Our prompt this week is ‘a study’. Take an object (animate or inanimate) and shoot it from multiple angles/perspectives, shoot it in different lights, really get to ‘know’ your subject. We chose a floral study and shot it at it’s prime and even when it was fading, each stage offered a new photo-op. This is a perfect creative exercise for those days when you feel you don’ t have anything to shoot.Read More

Besotted with…Friday Faves



What a week, it seems like we get more done in our two full work days than I ever was able to do with a 60+ hour week.  Every week we get into a better rhythm and seem to be able to accomplish more with less, it’s pretty mind boggling to someone who often times would work from dawn to dawn prior. Ah, live and learn…

I. This incredibly beautiful image was something I was able to pilfer from Michelle’s hard drive. Speaking of pilfering, Michelle found all of these blooms in our neighborhood, they were spent blooms scattered about. You see photo-ops everywhere! The original was lovely (of course) but I think the edit with our beta Lightroom presets is looking mighty fine. We have heard your requests for presets and we are working on them at the Foto Rx lab and we think we are finally getting close…

II. Michelle bought me this incredible book for my birthday which I LOVE, she learned about it from The Art of Photography. Michelle thinks I mentioned before, but since I can’t remember I think it’s so worth mentioning again.

III. Did you know that Creative Live offers FREE classes every day?  I didn’t either, you can check them out here.

IV. There’s documentary on writer Joan Dideon out right now that has been getting a lot of buzz, I haven’t seen yet, but Michelle thought it was fascinating.

V. Michelle and I are working on a project that required specific tools from the art store.  The uber friendly folks at Daniel Smith introduced us to Caran D’ache watercolor pencils, we have used watercolor pencils in the past and felt they were lackluster at best, but these seem to be in a league of their own! We bought the Museum Aquarelle in black, if you fall in love you can always get this beautiful set. These pencils get rave reviews as well. We did try the water-soluble pastels which we didn’t get, but they are definitely on our list of things we would like!

Photo prompt :: From where I stand


Our prompt this week is ‘from where I stand’. Basically it doesn’t get easier than this folks, just shoot an image from wherever you are, it could be an impromptu portrait, a landscape, an object just shoot (are you getting the premise of this 52? Hint, hint).  There is some great inspo on Instagram for the hashtag ‘from where I stand’ to get you motivated, but really just shoot wherever you are, whatever situation you are in!

It’s not too late to start your Foto Rx 52, shooting consistently will be the fastest way to becoming a better photographer. Follow us on Instagram for more inspo and edit examples. Shoot this week’s prompt and use #fotorx52 so we can find you and cheer you on (also feel free to borrow our hashtags so other people can find you!).


Photo shot Iphone 6

Image edited with Portland | Modern + Moody Photoshop actions.

Edited in Photoshop CC

Some inspiration for portraits, landscapes and objects:

From where I stand Instagram

Documentary Portrait photography inspo

Landscape photography tips

Flatlay photography tips

photo by michelle p.

Besotted with…Friday Faves!

Written Word practice calligraphy pads via besotted

I. We are completely and utterly floored at how beautiful Karla Lim of Written Word Calligraphy’s new Modern Calligraphy Practice pads are. They are almost too beautiful to practice in.

II. If one cookbook recommendation is good, why not get 37 from Epicurious?

III. Totally in full-on spring mode. If you too have a little naturalist at home, birding is an easy and inexpensive way to explore nature. I found this great little checklist where you can become a ‘citizen scientist’ and share your observations with Cornell University. We are getting this little birdfeeder to be able to see the birds up close (and also to have something on the windows so don’t fly into them).

IV. The pencil has such a bad rap, but the humble tool is one of my faves and these luxe offerings from Katie Leamon are so good.

V. Michelle has a Pinterest board called ‘Surprising & Delightful’ and it is just that. I loved this find of an artist that merges archival footage and antique photographs.