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I have been obsessed, I mean completely obsessed with The Glow and their photographs. If you do not know of this magical site you must pay them a visit, it’s inspired by motherhood, but the chicest most inspiring/successful mothers in town. In other words, the complete opposite of the type of mom I currently am (slovenly, tired, frantic and decidedly unchic). For some reason instead of feeling pangs of supreme jealously it has given me hope that I could one day join the ranks of society that can hold a conversation, eat sitting at a table, shower longer than 30 seconds and a whole host of other things that I am hoping to one day to accomplish again. And of course there’s those photographs-le sigh.

I recently did a shoot with a local photographer (my mother’s day gift) and all I wanted was to try to recreate one of these images from the site. Just one is all I wanted, I think every mom should have at least one photo that is so breathtakingly+ heartbreakingly beautiful that captures the essence of this ephemeral time in her life, don’t you?  We did not accomplish it, but being the tinkering (and obsessed) kind I have been trying to figure it out because I want a photo like this darn it! And unless I become wildly successful, creative and beautiful in the next month (E. is growing so fast!) I won’t be having Ms. Stuart photographing me anytime soon.

Once you have devoured the site, you can now purchase their new book release.  I haven’t gotten my copy in yet, but I am sure the images will be every bit as inspiring. One of my favorite shoots/interviews on the site is the co-founder Violet Gaynor and her daughter Plum (darling names, right?) I am hoping they show more of them in the book.

What else is new in my little world? Not a whole lot, I still haven’t gotten my ‘sea legs’ on this whole mama + work thing.  I did successfully finish a design project, which took me about 2 weeks of stolen 10-15 minutes here there and there (not the most optimal way to work but I did it and the client was happy!  I am still working at my little shop, lot’s of custom stamps for small businesses, always makes me happy. E. is cutting teeth and her canine’s are coming in before her front teeth, she is going to look like a hill billy vampire (no offense to hill billies or vampires). Michelle is going to grace us with her talent again and has an amazing tutorial you’ll have to check out. We are still working frantically behind the scene to bring this site back up, I’d love to be here on a less sporadic basis (oh, how I miss you all so very much!) and of course introduce my new partner on the site (I bet you can guess, but she does need a proper introduction…). So until next time my friends!


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As new parents, my husband and I could have never imagined how much walking we would do. We walk so much that we have dented the sidewalks. We are the tired looking couple that is up before everyone else in the world, just walking up and down and back and forth across the neighborhood, getting our daughter to sleep. The morning ritual has become second nature for us, on days that our daughter sleeps until 6 a.m. I am elated, it’s practically sleeping in! But most days start at 5 a.m. and those are rough, especially since I am still not drinking coffee (oh, how I miss coffee so much!). A beautiful thing started to happen on our walks, it seems spring arrived (finally) and all of our neighbors gardens exploded with blooms-peonies have been everywhere, if I wasn’t trolling the neighborhood so much, I may not have been privy to such gorgeousness.

I just wanted to stop by and let you all know how much I miss you.  We (we as me and my partner!) have been working on site tweaks and coming up with new, beautiful + useful content (soon my friends, soon). Pre-baby I would have stayed up for days/nights on end to get everything done, post-baby I am happy to add ‘chew my food’ or ‘wash my hair’ to the list of things that may actually get done. I am in awe of every mama that seems to be accomplishing anything. I thought I would share some of the things I have been able to do…

I am almost finished with a book (a whole book!) I can’t believe it but I was able to carve out some late night time for myself. This is the book I am reading, it is a sequel to this book which I adored. I’ll be sure to write a review when I am finished.

I found a walker for Elle that wasn’t hideous and she is enjoying it immensely  (even though she hasn’t figured out yet that she can use it to ‘walk’). If you are looking for one that is not a mess, I highly recommend this one. Speaking of mess, Elle started eating solids and the walker also doubles as a high chair (well, a dining area) and it collapses so it can be easily stored in the closet when not in use.

I wanted a pair of cute slip on sneakers (tying shoes is too much effort these days) and I found the cutest pair here of all places.

I dropped my phone and crushed it, so after months of using a crushed (but functioning) phone we finally made time to pick up a new one. I got this one and now feel complete.

I’ll be popping in again soon!

P.S. Why yes, I can tell you where you can get that beautiful font, just stop by here.



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I haven’t had a chance to play with this font family yet (it’s so extensive!) and I definitely didn’t want to back-to-back you on font posts, but Laura Worthington knocked it out of the park with this family!  You have a set of beautiful calligraphic hands, you have engraved, catchwords, serifs, san serifs I mean this is a font jubilee. That’s the first time I have ever been able to work that word into a post and I think my blogging career may have hit an apex.

In other news, I have been quietly, (maybe a bit maniacally) working behind the scenes here to make all the resource information easier for you to access.  I know you are busy and don’t have time to browse mountains of old posts to find what you are looking for and my search box is suspect at best, so I hope to have the new system in place for June, which might be a pipe dream but at least I still have dreams, you know with my haven’t slept in six months and all. Wish me luck my friends!



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No one can pull me out of a blogging hiatus faster than Jess at Magpie Paper Works.  I was lucky enough to be gifted this font for Christmas and I have used it here before and shortly after had about 500 emails (easy) asking “What was that font you used in the post the other day do tell puh-leeze .”.  The only problem was that it wasn’t available and I wasn’t even sure if it was going to ever be available, I was hoping it was because it it garsh darn amazing.  If Anthropologie was a font I think it would be Woolen, it has that weathered, charming quirk to it, classic but not serious and definitely on trend. Oh, Magpie where do you find the time and how on earth are you so talented?  Do any of you know how hard it is to create a font?  Not just the design part but the actual implementation of it? It is mind boggling tedious and difficult, to be able to create so many fonts that are all winners and actually super functional (for lack of a better word) it is near impossible.  I am in awe of Jess and so excited to be able to share her newest addition!


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I love to read and I am hoping to instill that love within my daughter.  I have been reading to Elle since she came home from the hospital and truth-be -told in hindsight I wished I read more children’s books in the early infancy period (0-4 months) that I would enjoy (like the end of the Harry Potter series), because she really didn’t care about images (in fact I think I may have been overstimulating her, not a god thing before bedtime) and she really just enjoyed being close and the the sound of my voice. Now that she’s more interested in the picture books I have started a collection of favorites. I know there are classic baby books that seem to be universally enjoyed like Good Night Moon, which my husband LOVES and I have learned to love because I think it’s hilarious how much my husband loves it, but the story isn’t the greatest and the proliferation of orange and green? My eyes are bleeding just thinking about it.*

The Quiet Book on the other hand, now this is a visually gorgeous book and the story (well as much of a story as a baby book has),  I give it a thumbs up!  Written by Deborah Underwood with exquisite (no exaggeration) illustrations by Renata Liwska . It goes through all the different (and charming) types of quiet there are, like ‘making a wish quiet’.


There’s a lot  more to like about this book, it’s a board book which I have started only investing in to get me through the ‘grab and put in mouth now ‘ phase, it also has a soft padded cover, just little sweet touches that make this book even more endearing (and practical) for this new mommy. How does Elle like it?  She is mesmerized, but who wouldn’t be? It’s a keeper.

*Please note I am well aware that baby’s like & need some good contrast.


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