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Carefully considered letters written long-hand, sealed in an envelope and sent across continents were once the only connection for distant friends and lovers. Dear Sarah is a type that evokes the emotion of those handwritten messages. Using alternates, ligatures and a complex system for randomization and natural connected characters, Dear Sarah seeks to push the boundaries of digital type.

Dear Sarah is a very interesting font indeed, it has programmed into the font algorithm (I actually just made that up, but stick with me), the ability to randomly place ink blotches, contextual ligatures and various lowercase letters that gives the font a very human and realistic hand. I think this could be the future of handwriting fonts! At the very least it’s an amazing experiment. You can check it out here.



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I love a good listen, I had powered through most of my favorite podcasts and had to try to find some new podcasts to fill the void. Lucky for me (and I hope you) I found some really great ones. The newly launched Invisibilia has me wanting more, subjects are diverse but even the mundane in the hosts talented hands is fascinating. For those that make their living as a Creative The Accidental Creative offers some excellent insights and interviews. If you are a Ted Talks fan (I am) then you’ll love the Ted Radio Hour, it feels like a hybrid between the talks and This American Life. Jess Lively has an inspiring podcast The Lively Show with some great guests you are sure to recognize and be interested in.

What about you? Do you have any podcasts that you want to add? I LOVE learning about new podcasts! If you missed my other podcast posts below are some of the ones I have listened to and loved:

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After the Jump with Grace Bonney

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Free Online Photoshop Courses!


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I have been on a frenzied search for some quality free Photoshop courses for you, after all we are now purveyors of premium Photoshop actions extraordinaire so it would only behoove us to get you hooked on the product (both of them). You don’t need to know much Photoshop to use Foto Rx but there are some things that you’ll need to know to use them to the best of their capabilities like where to find your layers palette, how to use a layer mask, where to find your brushes, etc. all incredibly easy/no sweat tasks but I do understand the program can seem daunting upon first opening.  I wanted to find you a class/course and I ended up finding many! And free books too! And get this not just on Photoshop, but Photography and many other creative subjects. There’s a catch of course, (isn’t there always?)  It’s not free forever, it’s only free for 10 days, but I can attest that in 10 days you can squeeze quite a few videos and books in, which gives you plenty of time to dive in and learn some very basic skills. The company is called Creative Edge and is brought to you by publishing powerhouse Peachpit which is renown for their Photoshop and photography books. You don’t even have to put in your credit card information to get the free 10 day trial. I would suggest you join when you know you’ll have a stretch of a couple days to really dig in and explore so you don’t let your trial go to waste, but who knows you might find it’s an excellent resource and stay awhile longer (I think it’s a cancel anytime policy). And no, we aren’t affiliated with them in anyway, but I found it was one of the best goldmines of information available for the investment (free!) Have fun exploring!

P.S. These may be a little less exciting/more dry than if we taught the course but the information is still great!


Creative Edge-Free 10 day trial of Photoshop classes (and more).

Foto Rx |First Aid Kit-Our amazing one click (in most cases) Photoshop editing actions

Adobe Creative Cloud Photographers Bundle

Below are free with the 10 day trial!

Adobe Photoshop CC Learn by Video

Adobe Photoshop CC Quickstart Video

Using Layer Masks for Image Editing in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a book


photo by bethany legg | edited by tristan b.


sara byrne double exposure besotted blogsara byrne double exposure ii besotted blog Sigh, I just love these images by photographer Sara Byrne. I have been wanting to try this for awhile. Lucky for us Sara and her husband/partner Dylan were generous with their talent and created a step-by-step tutorial and video! Their tutorial is with a Canon 5D Mark iii, (which is a full frame camera), but I know some of the entry level full frame cameras also have the double exposure option! But if you don’t have a full frame camera, don’t fret I went on an internet treasure hunt and found other camera options and tutorials for you so you can give this technique a go!

Have you tried this already? If so is there a way that you did it that was different from the tutorials linked? We’d love to see your results if you try so stop back with a link we can visit!

P.S. I am going to write a totally unscientific and biased post soon on when it’s time to upgrade to a full frame camera, so be on the look out for that!


Double Exposure Tutorial by Sara & Dylan

Double Exposure Tutorial with Iphone

Double Exposure Tutorial + Interview with Iphoneograher Brandon Kidwell

Double Exposure Tutorial in Photoshop

Double Exposure Tutorial in Photoshop Advanced

Canon Mark D III

Canon EOS 6D

Photographer Photoshop + Lightroom Bundle

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Ladies Hand Calligraphy Font

misprinted type

I was super excited when I saw Eduardo Recife had introduced a new font, he is one of my favorite graphic designers, I have watched his career bloom from just a few free (but very awesome) fonts to a whole collection of premium font offerings. He has a very distinct aesthetic and has a unique ability to utilize ephemera in his collages without them ever looking dated. Eduardo has always been very generous with creating and offering free tools, like these amazing grunge Photoshop brushes. I love an artist that shares (sharing is caring) and if you like his fonts too, it would be wonderful to support this talented fellow. You can get his new fonts Mercy & King Bloser here, both are elegant and would work well in anything from wedding to web.

P.S. I used the new Color Mute Photoshop action for the next Foto Rx set (launching March 1st!) on the graphic above, I love it. I always tone the colors down on my graphics and images for this site, because I prefer a more subtle palette, it usually would take me more time than I have, so one click and having it done makes me a very happy girl!

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