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tools of the trade besotted blogI know, seemingly odd way to start a Monday right? An immersion blender? When I first started the ‘tools of the trade’ section on the site I had visions of asking many different creatives about their ‘secret-have to have’ tools, because whenever I found out about one that would work in my life I knew I wanted to share. This here immersion blender was one of those awesome ‘tools of the trade’ secrets from a professional chef friend who swore by it for soup puree’s. I kept meaning to write about it but it never felt like a good fit, or I’d see something shiny and forget. Last night when I made a batch of the silkiest  hummus this side of the Mississippi I knew that enough was enough, I had to share. [Read more…]


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I love unexpected inspiration, you?  I had planned to write an Inspiration Rx post and I knew I wanted to do a giveaway of Victoria Smith’s new book See San Francisco, but today the posts collided to create this here post. I also have a secret source for you! I got Victoria’s book this morning, a travel guide cum visual love letter to my favorite American city–San Francisco. Flipping through page after page of eye candy and ruing that I had ‘nothing to shoot’, I decided to just get out and walk, no preconceived plan, just put E. on me and walk the neighborhood (my daughter is big on adventure). Before I left I changed my lens, something I rarely do, I just figured I would change it up and see what happened. The beautiful buttery bokeh image above was one of many images I found on my walk today, all within a one block radius of where we live. Victoria’s book made me take another look at my own environment and try to come at it with a new perspective. [Read more…]


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Firstly, thank you  for engaging in the conversation on ‘Is blogging dying? All of your input was valuable and of course we always appreciate the visits! I do want to speak more to the subject about blogging, or more specifically a social media presence for  your brand/service and yes, even monetizing your blog! We have interviewed a few bloggers that have done so without a huge following…

And now on to our ‘Font Finder’ okay, this is not a universal font finder and probably misleading since it doesn’t have a search capability, it’s more like our ‘featured fonts’ organized (finally). We have been doing some Spring cleaning around here and we started to tackle this little font project. The images are now much larger and the titles are descriptive of the type of font instead of the name of the font, which makes more sense since you are most likely looking for say ‘an organic script font’ over ‘Margarita’ (a font name). All the fonts should now link directly to where you can purchase them so you won’t have to scroll through a font post full of my babble to find the font you were looking for! We added a few new fonts we haven’t featured that are brand spanking new and total lookers. This one here is low whistle beauty!

I am going to be honest and let you know aesthetic wise I am having trouble with it looking so ‘patchwork-y’, maybe you know of some other WP gallery-plugins that would create an overlay over the images so we won’t have to go back and do it for every graphic? Speaking of widgets and plug-ins, we lost our ‘recent pins’ widget, it was a single, rotating latest pins and we can’t find a substitute anyone out there have any ideas?

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the co-creator of the world’s best + easiest product photography editing tool-Foto Rx | Shopkeeper’s Helper and one of the writer’s of this delightful blog. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.

The end of blogging?

Is blogging dying? via besotted blog

I am sure you are dead sick of me saying how much I hate the word blogger, which means I most likely can’t stand the word blog either–correct. In our recent on-line marketing foray for Foto Rx I have found that many of my once beloved blogs have abandoned ship, some have left without even a good bye? For shame. Even though I understand with some blogs why they may have closed shop (the inspiration blogs without original content have been taken over by Pinterest for sure) on others I am perplexed? I see a lot of successful blogs leaving to work on opportunities that their blogs afforded them, it almost feels like a virtual slap in the face to blog readers to just quit without even an explanation. Am  I wrong to think that you’ll need/want your blog when your project finally launches?

You see, I believe in the blog, I think there’s opportunity here, room for you to finally have your shining moment in the blogosphere. How?  Well, it’s really very simple, without information the internet doesn’t exist, we have become dependent on Google for answers, we need this information and you my friend as a business will give the people what they need, right?  Does the world need another DIY post?  Probably not (but they are very pinnable). What is missing then from blogs?  It’s so obvious to me it makes me cringe when I don’t see it–perspective. What the what?  I’ll give you an example; if you are an interior designer I want to know more about the who, what, where, when, why and how! I don’t want to see inspiration pics from Elle decor’s site, I want to know about how you got into your business, what your day looks like, the intricacies of your business, the things you take for granted would be tasty gems for a design-a-phile! Speaking of gems, my friend Sofia was asking about what she should write about on her new blog and I was excited because there is so much she could write about, she’s getting her masters in gemology that alone is interesting, but she is also an excellent treasure hunter and finds the best vintage jewelry.

My unsolicited suggestion? Write about your experiences, your adventures, the how’s and why’s. I believe everyone has within them a wealth of information, things they take for granted that others might find wildly interesting, things people are Googling. I am a native Californian, born and raised in Los Angeles basically an anomaly, if I was smarter I would have written more about my City of Angels, because it is such a special place, these are the types of things that make you different and unique, mine your personal knowledge and experiences it’s the one thing that will set you apart from everyone else.  I love the pretty pics and the DIY’s but what I really want to know is more about how so and so got to where they are (and yes, pretty pics are super important). I want details, nitty gritty, show me, tell me, explain how, ask questions, start a dialogue! I don’t think blogs are dying, I think certain types of blogs are and I do think that the ‘celebrity’ blogger is a dying breed, but if you have valuable information (and I 99.9% guarantee you do) there is a chance that your specialized information could be what drives people to your blog and in turn your business. So tell me your thoughts, if you have stopped reading blogs is there a reason why? Do you believe me when I tell you that we all have something interesting to share?  Have you noticed the max exodus of big bloggers abandoning their blogs? How do you feel about that? I am very curious to know where you are going (and why) if you have stopped reading blogs. Myself?  I have never read blogs like most people, I have always been a Googling fool, if I am going to take time away from my ‘real’ life I want to feel like I have accomplished something, that I have walked away from my computer a little bit richer (in knowledge), truly inspired and not dejected (easy to feel that way in the blogosphere, comparison the thief of joy and all), I want my time spent in the cyber world to effect my reality positively and enhance it, never take away from what I cherish most.

P.S. I just looked up Alt Summit (the blogger conference mecca) and it doesn’t look like they are slowing down anytime soon, at an almost 1K investment per attendee I would say that blogging isn’t going away anytime soon…

Author / Miss Tristan B

Miss Tristan B. is the co-creator of the world’s best + easiest product photography editing tool-Foto Rx | Shopkeeper’s Helper and one of the writer’s of this delightful blog. Her lofty goal here is to make this a creative resource repository and to inspire you to fall truly, madly, deeply in love with your life.



I love and can get lost in the creative alchemy of Photoshop, but I generally don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to editing my own photos. If my shots don’t look darn good out of camera, I ruthlessly abandon them in my Lightroom library, because honestly, I’d rather be shooting than editing. We’ve been sharing with you how easy our Foto Rx actions are to use, and how perfect they are for the beginner who wants to harness the capabilities of Photoshop without feeling overwhelmed, but I have found myself turning to Foto Rx for my own edits more and more, even though I know my way around Photoshop pretty darn well. What it comes down to is simply workflow efficiency.  If I can get my edits buttoned up with one click instead of 3, why wouldn’t I?

Take these peonies for example. I made this photo when the flowers started to wilt a bit. I was thrilled with the looseness of the petals, and the composition, but not the sickly yellow tinge of the formerly white petals. So, as you can guess – it was quarantined in Lightroom, never to be heard from again – until we started running tests with Foto Rx. I pulled the image into Photoshop, opened our Foto Rx : First Aid Kit actions set, applied Feeling Yellow adjusted the opacity to 90%, then flattened the image and applied 20/20 Vision, adjusting the opacity on that to 70%, and was done. In less than 1 minute, those petals became pearly white and sharp as a tack, transforming my forgotten floral into a print-worthy piece.

Shot with Canon 6D

50mm Lens

Edited with Foto Rx : First Aid Kit

P.S. Are there ever too many flower photos? Seriously – I need your opinion. I’m trying not to overstuff my Instagram account with flower images, but when spring hits and the flowers are going gangbusters, it’s hard not to want to photograph every single one!

Author / Miss Michelle P.

Miss Michelle P. is a photographer, and the co-creator of Foto Rx Premium Photoshop Actions. She lives in the Pacific Northwest. Her muse is light.


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