Foto Rx 52:: Light patterns

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This week our prompt for our Foto Rx 52 photo project is a most magical one indeed–light patterns. You may have noticed them in your every day and not given much thought to them, but we urge you to stop and capture these ephemeral beauties. We are going to link to some artists that have really harnessed these bits of light and added them to their portfolio of creativity, we hope you do too!

It’s not too late to start your Foto Rx 52, shooting consistently will be the fastest way to becoming a better photographer. Follow us on Instagram for more inspo and edit examples. Shoot this week’s prompt and use #fotorx52 so we can find you and cheer you on (also feel free to borrow our hashtags so other people can find you!).


It has become a signature for this photographer
Light works by James Henkel
Abstract art at in it’s purest form

A master of the austere
We loved this image

photo by michelle p.

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  1. The look of your newly designed blog is pretty! BUT the colors are so washed out now the pictures of your home look well, washed-out. A DIY home blog should have vibrant pictures in my humble opinion =) Your green kitchen cabinets aren’t a pretty focal point in pictures, they just kind of fade into the background. Not sure if that’s what your seeing as well ….blue light filter

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