Besotted with…Friday Faves


Oh, hello there! Super excited to share some favorites this week, real treasures and an extra dose of creative inspo for all the artistsĀ (and wanna be artists) out there, you’re welcome…

I. We discovered a master silhouette artist, a trail blazer for her time, you need to take a look at her little animated film and be wowed how on trend it looks. Note all the animation is actually stopmotion, which means she had to create cut outs for each minute frame by frame, pure magic!

II. Are you looking for an eco-minimalist villa to rent in the Italian countryside? Me too, try this one.

III. Just when you are bemoaning all the good ideas are taken for an art series someone comes up with something so clever that you slap your forehead and say, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

IV. Many moons ago we did a Pinterest curator feature with this talented lady, now she has gone to eclipse even the most popular of social media superstars and is sharing her business secrets and so are her legions of friends in a new podcast call Raw Milk, totally worth a listen!

V. I am loving this summer dress, a little spendy, but if I amortize the wears I’ll get out of it?

P.S. Image featured from my 100 day project, I am on 40/100 and still going strong!

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