Wow. I can’t tell you how inspired I was after I read your answers to the question, ‘What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?’ I felt a little embarrassed (and greedy) because I think I would try to do pretty much everything everyone wrote (and then some)-Write a book, fly, open a store, stop world hunger, travel the world, start a new business, go back to school, sing in front of a live audience, gosh the list goes on and on. I am now trying to figure out how I can help you turn those wishes into a reality, give me time, I am a great problem solver and it seems like all these goals are pretty attainable. I have some ideas. Check back with me and I will let you know if I have gotten any closer to figuring this out for us.

For today’s Bestowal I am giving away the Parcel Twine trio, I have had several emails that asked me to do so (and I am happy to oblige). It’s one of the items that sells out a lot in the shop and since I have it shipped in from Europe it takes like forever to replenish. I won’t be getting in anymore inventory until after our move. Move? Don’t worry, I will go into that in another post. So excited for another adventure! It’s also one of my favorite items in the shop, I can’t tell you how much I use this twine, maybe it’s my fault that there’s never any in stock? It’s beautiful, eco-friendly, dyed by hand with plant based colorants, it’s just good stuff. I thought I would steal a question I read recently for you to answer-‘What’s the best thing that happened today’ the author wrote, “It actually forces a certain kind of cheerful retrospection”. So, if you would like to enter to win, just leave your answer in the comments below, you will have an entire week to do so! Also, since I am in blog organizing mode I have added a new page so you can check each Monday and see if you are a winner, just click here. Good luck!

P.S. I know that the downloads aren’t working because I have exceeded my bandwith, which is both amazing and sad. Amazing because I know that you are able to easily access them now (finally) and sad because I am out of bandwith. I may have to start a bandwith fund, because I do like the ease of the provider (no weird ads and one click downloading).


  1. Best thing that happened–I decided to start creating and DIYing again! I hung up a garland that had laid underneath my bed for the better part of a month, half finished and forlorn-looking, put up a bunch of prints on my wall, and actually bought a stamp-making kit so that I might emulate your work! :)

  2. The best thing that happened to me today wasn’t anything that actually happened to me…I spent a beautiful Santa Barbara Sunday afternoon cleaning my home. I love to clean and deeply appreciate the beauty that surrounds me, inside and out.

  3. What a lovely giveaway! The best thing that happened today…I got to meet my second cousin for the first time. He is only a week old and just underwent his second open heart surgery today. It was a sad first meeting but still amazing to see the little guy recovering so smoothly.

    PS- I just found your blog and I am so happy that I did! So much inspiration here, I love it!

  4. My son is a sports anchor, he and his co-anchor wished me happy birthday at the end of the broadcast in Boise tonight and sent it, so i could view it, in a text message.

    I have your twine trio and I love it. ( I ask to be exempt from this give a way.) I am looking forward to hearing about your move!

  5. The best thing that happened today was unexpectedly having some extra time in what has otherwise been a busy week. I curled up with my man, some Gilmore Girls, and a knitting project and got that rest I’ve been needing so badly.
    Thanks so much for posting this giveaway and best wishes on your move! I can’t wait to hear more about it.

  6. I awoke this morning to a purring cat and beautiful sunshine…
    A perfect Monday morning!
    Thank you! This would be a wonderful thing to win.
    Have a happy week.

  7. The best thing that happened to me today was that I woke up to a slumbering pup and a fiance that is feeling much, much better after being a bit under the weather lately. :)

  8. hmmmm….the best thing that happened today is that it’s my first day of february vacation! perks of teaching… :) i loooove this twine. the black is my fave. thanks. xoxo

  9. I got to have some snuggle time with both my 3 year old and 18 month old before work. Usually it’s a rushed morning but today was pleasantly calm.

  10. the best thing that has happened today…. so far, it’s early here in Colorado! Our birdbath heater is working again, yes it is still winter!!! Enjoy your day. Oh, are you moving to Colorado :-)
    tail wags. ~moose

  11. The best thing that happened today is that I woke up in my very own bed. After five days of traveling, and sleeping in different beds, my back really appreciated it. I do love to travel but it is always so nice to come home!

  12. The best thing to happen to me today is that all of the snow we received in the last 10 days has finally melted some and I was able to spot my dog’s favorite toy sticking out of a drift ! He has been moping around the house for a week while I was looking every where for it ( inside the house ) and it seems the little stinker took it outside while I wasn’t paying attention during the blizzard. Ahhhh, happiness restored.
    Wonderfully generous give a way and good luck on your move !

  13. Thanks for the chance. I am new to your blog, but am loving perusing it. The best thing that happened today is that my kids all got asked over to friends! I love for them to be loved.

  14. The best thing that happened to me was catching up on laundry, having dinner prepped for tonight, now I’m enjoying some “me” time with hot coffee and my iPad!!! Thanks for the chance!

  15. The best thing that happened to me today was finding our neighborhood cat (yes, we sort of share him) poking his head out of our attic today. He’d been missing for the last couple of days, and as it turned out, he was “cleaning” our attic!

  16. The best thing that happened to me today? My one-year-old, who is very independent, crawled into my lap and nestled his head into my neck. It was the affirmation that I needed from him and his way of saying “yeah, I know I’m growing up really fast mom, but I still need and love you.” It melted my heart.

  17. The best thing that happened to me today occurred when I was preparing to fly home from a visit with my family (I live in PA, they live in FL). My 7 year old granddaughter tucked a little stuffed bear into the suitcase I was packing. Under it was a tiny note on which she wrote “I love you Grammy. Love Morgan”. As I looked up from reading the note, she was smiling from ear to ear and then ran over to give me a hug. So, what was the best thing that happened to me today? The hug was so amazing….then again, the note is so precious and will make me happy forevermore…hmmm….I think the beautiful smile that was just for me has to be the best thing!

  18. The best thing was when a dear friend confided a grave diagnosis to me today and we didn’t cry we just talked about it frankly, expressed hope and belief, and had a good ol’friend hug.

  19. The BEST thing that happened to me today was when my doctor told me he did not think I would have to have surgery on my shoulder! YEAH!!

  20. The best thing that happened to me today was the neighbor boy hiking up the street to buy me a Pepsi!!!
    Can’t wait to hear more about your move! MOVE!?! Where too and how far away???

  21. The best thing that happened to me today was the monthly meeting I attended tonight with a creative group of women that I pulled together over a year ago to help give us creative community, encouragement, and accountability. We call our group “ReCreate”. We spur each other on in our creative endeavors, and one of the women is getting ready to open her own shop. We were able to cheer her on and we are volunteering to help her with her grand opening in a couple of weeks. I feel like I am “home” when I am with these women:)

  22. there’s a great deal of context that goes with my moment, but I’ll just share the Cliff Notes version… We recently had a heartwrenching death in the family and the clan is gathering to mourn. so when my three year old nephew climbed into my lap and started singing the song for a tickle? Absolutely put a smile on my face and his!

  23. The best thing that happened to me today was a delightful discovery. We drove to San Francisco to meet friends (to surprise them!) this morning, a grey sky with the sun making a few a guest appearances. We went to Samovar Tea Lounge in Zen Valley, the food was amazing, the tea was wonderful, and the service (our server Luis) was excellent. A relaxing and enjoyable Sunday afternoon doing nothing afterwards. Happiness!!! Wishing you a very HAPPY move Miss B.

  24. The best thing that happened today was having a four wheel drive truck! We had a blizzard last night and getting to work today was so much blessedly easier with that truck.

  25. The best thing that happened today was … waking up grumpy {that’s not the good part} and having a girlfriend invite me and the kids over for a coffee/playdate. It lasted for four hours and cured my grouchiness. So grateful for friendship.

  26. The best thing that happen to day …is that my daughter Gabriela (almost 1,5 years old) run to me from kitchen to bedroom, hug my leg tight and said for the first time in her live “Mummy I love you”, quickly turn around to run back to kitchen, hug my husband leg tight and says “Daddy I love you too” :) She is amazing!!! Speaking at the age :)

  27. Hello!
    The best thing today is that I did not die! I am currently on a break from school and I’m across the country visiting some friends a family. I hopped on the bus today for a 4(ish) hour drive to my Grandparents, we were going across a mountain range when the bus driver pulled over due to icy conditions, we watched semi-truck after semi-truck and car after car lose control on the roads. It was awful. At one point our bus driver was pulled over behind a semi for an hour waiting for a sand truck to come past, and he made an announcement “Hello, as you may have noticed conditions are bad, I am going to move in front of this semi incase another one comes and sandwiches us!” He moved, and we finally made it out of the extra dangerous conditions! I am so glad I did not get sandwiched by a semi today!

  28. The best thing for me about today was that I solved a vexing design issue with my company’s blog design. This is big for me because its all new to me and I am slowing teaching myself the ins and outs of social media.

  29. Hmm. The first thing best thing is that I woke up and the sun was shining and the birds were singing and my sweet pups were snoozing beside me. Then I heard the rustling of my sweet teenaged daughter in the hallway as she prepared for the school day. The best thing for me about every day is the ability to be alive and to enjoy each and every moment!
    Thank you so much for the special giveaway!

  30. Today, I have had great fun drawing and painting in my Moleskine travel journals. I have two that I have been getting ready for upcoming trips. A large one for a two month trip to seven countries in July and August to Southeast Asia and Australia regions and a smaller one for a shorter trip to Costa Rica. My husband and I love observing nature, travel photography and adventurous traveling so a travel journal helps me keep up with trip details. I paint/sketch maps, birds, flags, quotes and whatever seems like it belongs.

  31. What’s the best thing that happened today’

    I am alive! I nearly died on saturday from anaphylactic shock, as our family was driving to Disneyland. By grace I was near a top-rate hospital and we got there just in time – literally. Amazingly, the staff was so on it, that within a few hours we were on our way to Disneyland again and only last half of the day there. So, I am alive, and I am stockpiling nostalgia for the amazing adventures my dear hubby and I shared with our 4 year old daughter Layla and nearly 2 year old son Roman. The best thing that happened today? It’s that, I am here to rejoice in today!

  32. The best thing that happened to me today was that I was able to find someone to donate a laptop to a girl that I mentor. She got into college but has no money what so ever so I’m trying to find resources to her her out. She will be so happy when I giver her the laptop.

  33. The best thing that happened today was discovering Le Musée des Arts Forains in Paris. It’s a museum of old amusement park rides and carnival attractions. It’s so wonderful I can hardly believe it exists! I hope to visit sometime. Also! My neighbours upstairs just got a puppy – a six-week-old Australian Shepherd girl named Sadie. I met her early this morning before work and seeing her bright blue eyes made me feel warm and fuzzy all day.

    I hope you had a nice day!

  34. The best thing that heppened today was that an airline we recently flew on finally credited the award miles to our account…which is fabulously exciting because it takes our mile balance to high enough to purchase a free flight somewhere! :) Not that we have any plans currently, but just the possibility of a travel escape is simply delightful.

  35. The best thing that happened today….

    My 15mo old puts his cheek out for kisses but never gives one out, this past Saturday, we had our second, a baby girl. Well, she was slobbered with kisses all across her forehead by her big brother this morning! I jealous but it was so amazing to see<3

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