Poppies!  I am so excited that poppies are in season!  The one thing with poppies though is they come in tight buds when you buy them, so it’s a surprise what color they will be be when they open.  I was hoping for some blush ones, but these fiery orange ones blossomed instead.  I loved that the one pale white poppy opened with a streak of orange, random but beautiful. These poppies remind me of  a Kate Spade ad, just very rich and vibrant. They don’t last very long but are thankfully relatively inexpensive (as far as fresh flowers are concerned). I am going to go back next week and replenish, hopefully I will get some pretty pale pinks and the blush hues I adore. Has anyone gone to California (or lives in California) and seen the wild poppies in bloom?  I so have want to plan a visit.

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10 thoughts on “POPPY SEASON

  1. Poppies are not yet in season in norway but i. cant. wait. untill they are!!! they are so fresh and fun!!! a great pic to lighten up a winter day! made me wish for spring!!

    love K

  2. Lovely. Wish I could travel anywhere warm right now! It is 50 here right now so I’m not complaining about that! It’s supposed to be below freezing and snowing this time of year in ohio so I’ll take 50 and rain. i know to some I’m crazy but I cannot stand the cold.

  3. I haven’t seen the wild poppies but I did visit the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, which was BEAUTIFUL! I went mid day so the sun was so bright my photos aren’t great, but it would be perfect around sun setting time!

  4. You’re right– they do look like a Kate Spade ad! In fact, doesn’t Kate Spade have a poppy perfume? I think they do, or at least they did.

    Thanks for this dose of orangey cheer :)

  5. K-

    How exciting a visit all the way from Norway! Please email a photo when Poppies start blooming in Norway!

    Jill Elaine, 50! I am frozen solid at 68, I know that 70 is the only comfort for me. California has made my blood thin. I would LOVE to be able to shoot some snow images one day though.


    I would LOVE to go to Carlsbad and see the blooms, that’s another on my list and I think you can take the train from L.A. right to them.

    Hrcktheherald- I do believe that is Coach BUT those ads are very much like Kate Spades;)

    Thank you all for the sweet notes!


    Miss B.

  6. What beautfiful photos of the poppies. The colours are so vibrant. I don’t believe I have ever seen a Poppie which wasn’t a bright colour so I’d love to see a photo if you do manage to get some which open up to be your favourite colours!

  7. I have to admit – and this is shocking to say at age 26 – that I didn’t realize poppies came in color other than black and deep blood red until this year when they exploded all over the blogsphere (and what a pretty, colorful explosion it is!) I guess in nature in Israel, the common poppy is red. I still remember them blooming all over my back garden growing up. I thought they were tenacious, the garden was completely desolate otherwise.

  8. I love poppies. I wish we could have had a spring wedding so that I could have used poppies. They are such a happy flower. These pictures make me anxious for spring and warm sunshine!

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