I have always loved gemstones, rocks and the like. As kids we used to grow ‘rock’ gardens all the time. I did a whole post on some beautiful gem photography and find the subject endlessly fascinating. I really wanted this image to impart the beauty that I originally had witnessed.  From the ‘before’ you would never know the great depth, texture and luminance that was present.  I feel the ‘after’ really gives it a second chance.

I will be editing a photo a day for the remainder of 2012::Project MMXII, this is my ‘after’, you can view the ‘before’ here.

P.S.  I will email the winners of last weeks contest and hopefully we can all see what creative goodness they got themselves into!

P.P.S. If you haven’t already and are so inclined sign-up for the Natural History prints giveaway!

5 thoughts on “MMXII::16::EDITING A PHOTO A DAY IN 2012

  1. I know someone that can get you a print, lol. It actually remind me a lot of both your salt lamp and fireplace;) Thank you for the virtual fist bump, it does my ego good!

  2. This would be so amazing blown up big in a living or dining room. I’m hoping our next place will have room for it.

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