Last Saturday I attended another one of perfumer Sarah Horowitz’s workshops.  It was a very intimate class, just myself, Sarah and two very talented perfumer’s.  I really enjoy these classes, it’s like cooking you may know a recipe but everyone does it just a tiny bit differently.  I pushed myself to create something other than a floral and made a fragrance that was an almost exact replica of a green, watery cucumber.  I like cucumber’s don’t get me wrong but I don’t think most people want to smell like one.  We also worked with essential oils, something I really enjoy. Sarah gifted us with Rose Damascus, essential oil which in her words was ‘worth its weight in gold’.  I love that it conveyed a preciousness that you don’t find in one’s ordinary dealings with oh, say the bills. The class truly transports you to another time, the blending and exuberant experimentation is perfect for fragrance-phile indulging. I have recommended her classes before but in case you are still on the fence about taking the plunge, there is not a better, kinder (more patient) fragrance teacher.  I am feeling very motivated to start work on some personal fragrance projects.  I know Jules has requested a real rose perfume (read–not musty or mothball-esque) and I am hoping I may be able to comply soon with a fresh, clean, just picked version with bright citrus top notes and sunshine on your skin dry down. Well, I’ll try…
photo by::tristan b.


  1. Your post had me at Rose Damascus! Sounds amazing.

    Yes, please, on the garden rose scent. I tried Clemency the other day–remember I told you I bought a sample? Good Lord! {shudder} I had to look inside the packaging to see if it came with a Medicare card. Needless to say, the search continues. I have my faith in you to deliver! :)

    Miss you, call me, etc. etc.

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