I am very lucky, granted a lot of my luck I’ve created through perseverance but sometimes I get a good ol’ dose of the old fashioned kind where it seems to materialize from the ether and I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe my good fortune. A few months ago a series of odd coincidences happened, I mentioned to my best friend that I wanted to start working with fragrance again, she in turn mentioned Sarah Horowitz whom she worked with briefly, (Sarah is the indie perfumer’s perfumer), a woman whom I have worshiped from afar for what is going on a decade.  My friend said Sarah was so nice and I should call her.  Call her?  That would be the equivalent  of a fledgling fashion designer saying she liked a pair of Louboutin’s and a friend suggesting that she call Mr. Louboutin. Not going to happen.  I decided to check out Sarah’s site and found out to my sheer delight that she was teaching classes!  At that first click I hadn’t worked with fragrances for nearly three years because I knew how strongly scent and memory are linked and I didn’t want to create something that would remind me of my former job where I worked in a windowless converted broom closet for umpteen hours a day.  The timing was perfect because I was finally pardoned by the job Gods and able to leave and see the sun again. I signed up for class.
I didn’t realize until I took the class how much I missed my olfactory experimenting.  Some people that read my former Blahg may know that I am a parfumer and want to know why I would take a beginning perfumery class?  First, if you had the opportunity to take a class from someone you truly admired wouldn’t you?  I also reveled in being around other individuals that loved scents.  It was like being dropped off an exotic land where everyone understands your strange language and peccadillo’s–sublime.  Are you going to leave Sarah’s level one class and be a  world class perfumer? I am sure she has had some prodigy’s but I don’t think that is the goal, it’s an introduction to the world of perfumery, the opportunity to play, meet like minded individuals and have access to one of the great indie perfumer’s in the world. Since the class I have not stopped working on formula’s, it’s very relaxing for me and perfumery makes me work on the one thing I am not so great at–patience.  Lucky for me patience is something that I can work on, thus improving my ‘luck’ tenfold.

7 thoughts on “PERFUMERY 101

  1. Great post! I love that you are a perfumer. I have never known anyone who had that profession. Very cool. I love that sometimes time is the shortest distance between two points. Life will lead you back if it is meant to be! Oh yeah, and patience! ;)

  2. Thank you Pistachio I do feel mighty lucky to have been able to work in such a unique field (even though I did do some hard time in the corporate world).

    Mrs. Soup, Sarah and I actually email now! Isn’t that a hoot? She really is SUPER nice and as kind as can be. I am going to sign-up for the rest of her series just because it is so wonderful being around other fragrance heads.

    Kimberj! How are you feeling lovely? Thanks for the visit, I hope you are practicing your photography and as always thanks for the sweet words, it really does feel more zen since I am ‘playing’ more than trying to make it my business, but who know? I am just going to have fun + a hobby for right now:)

  3. The class must have been so inspiring! I’ve worn SH’s Clean Musk (Perf. Palette base note) for years! For a long time I didn’t like to tell people what I wore – I felt like I’d found this great, unique fragrance. But when I wrote about SH for Beauty Banter I decided it was time to share. Great company, wonderful fragrances…hope you had a ball!

  4. Alex, oh I know that feeling! Her fragrances are so great and she really has a passion for her craft that is contagious. I had so much fun and my classmates were amazing,smart and creative which made it even more enjoyable.

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