I am letting out a huge sigh that my work day is finally over. I have been working since the sun rose without a break.  I am a slave driver, seriously, being my own boss makes me insane.  If I was a ‘real’ employee I would be calling the labor board on me–18+ hour work days, no breaks and never a kind word for the work I produce, no wonder I was thrilled when the Postman knocked. I had ordered a couple of books from Amazon and they took so long to arrive I actually forgot I ordered them. They were photography books, an expensive addiction, thank goodness for the Kindle app, or else I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent. I wanted these two particular books ‘live’ because they were written by fellow bloggers and I love to support my fellow bloggers. I bought the new Shutter Sister book-Expressive Photography, I was hoping for more of ‘how to create that awesome shot’, but it wasn’t as technical/break it down step-by-step as I hoped but the chapter on documentary photography by Sarah-Ji had me so thrilled that it made up for my disappoint that I wasn’t going to be added to the Shutter Sister line-up anytime soon. There is some serious talent in that group and I am always inspired. I hope that they one day make a step-by-step for people like me. It’s still a great book to add to your photography library, how can it not be?  It’s a Shutter Sisters book. 
The second book Plate to Pixel is another excellent addition to your photography resource library.  It’s by Helene Dujardin of the award winning food blog Tartlette. I loved seeing the pre set-up shots and it truly is a great resource, lot’s of information.  If you are a little more advanced in your photography journey some of the chapters may not be for you, but skip them, the book is filled with great information and well worth the purchase.  Now if I can only convince my ‘boss’ to give me some time off to shoot I will be golden.

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