I have been very fortunate lately to receive love + affection for my new blog from some of my very favorite bloggers.  I plan to thank everyone, but as you may be able to infer I am a little slower than most. I don’t mean to be, I plan everyday to be speedy and full but I guess I am predisposed to an island time disposition or something. In my defense, I do take on much more than the average bear.  I don’t know a lot of individuals that can work my kind of schedule (nor would want to). Things may (and do) stop abruptly when I spy something shiny but eventually they get done. To stop my dilly dallying I would like to start by thanking Miss Liz of the charming ‘Say Yes to Hoboken’ blog.  Thank you for mentioning Besotted Brand Blog in your ‘Up & Coming’ blog round up.  I was so flattered to be in such great company and now that I have links to even more fabulous blogs I may be even slower than usual. So thank you Miss Liz, I do appreciate the attention, please don’t think for one second that I don’t AND thank you to everyone that visits my new home, I am so happy to have you stop by and am always delighted when you drop me notes in the comments.

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