Welcome to my new home! My name is Tristan B, but most of the world wide web just refers to me by my nom de plume–Miss B.  A few of you may know me as the founder of the sunniest spot on the Internet–The Bright Side Project and even fewer of you know me from my personal Blahg,–‘The Blah, Blah, Blahg‘. This is where I will be “residing” now and I must say I love how spacious it is and that it’s a big empty canvas of possibility!  I am still in the process of unpacking and setting up my decor but I had to stop my moving minutiae to pen my first post here of the thank you variety.  You see a very talented individual,Miss Ez , from the renown Creature Comforts blog created a gorgeous online magazine for the holidays dubbed ‘Gifted’ (as she surely is).  Ez asked me to be part of her blogger round up (some of my fave bloggers are included, eek!) I was duly flattered and at the same time wondered if perhaps she had me confused with another Miss B. (it could happen, it often does).  Ez was kind enough to add my new blog home address to her interview and so here I am singing her pretty praises.  ‘Gifted’ magazine does not disappoint, it is filled with great interviews, projects, sublime layouts and the gift guide will have you wishing you didn’t have your credit card memorized (Oh you don’t? That’s just me? Figures). In a word–delightful
This blog will be an extension of my soon to launch shop–Besotted Brand and will have a focus on craft, craftsmanship and creating a beautiful, creative life.  I hope you come back soon for a visit and we can sit down, chat, make things, share secrets and laugh a lot.
A huge thank you to Ez and wishes of continued success to her and the warmest of welcomes to you for visiting, I know it’s a mess right now but what’s a little mess amongst friends?

14 thoughts on “GIFTED!

  1. Congratulations, Miss B. The new place is “gawjus”! Probably a bit of madness mixed with your joy, but you must know we would follow you absolutely anywhere.

  2. Here you are! I have been following your for some time (never commenting though, sorry). Really like your Blagh! So naturally I am following your over here! No doubt about that! I am looking forward to your future posts. Is this really Blogger based blog (as commented above). “Everybody” is moving to WordPress and this looks very ” wordpress” to me. I really like the lay out.

  3. Dear Miss B, I will follow you anywhere! I didn’t know that you are also The Bright Side Project?!? Still trying to capture something workable for SFS this week but glad I found you :)

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