I created a whole series of these round images inspired by the 1890 Kodak No. 02 camera. When one developed their film it would come back as a round image on a square card. I love that it has an air of adventure to it, almost like you were looking through a telescope or a porthole. This was from one of my adventures this summer, miles above the Pacific ocean, somewhere between California and New York City. I have been playing with the idea of printing on a very slight white background so it feels even more authentic. It was shot with a vintage Canon manual film camera and yes I am as surprised as you that it actually came out.

5 thoughts on “SERIES II

  1. oh. my. goodness.
    i seriously gasped out loud when i saw this. i want this blown up huge and placed in the entryway of the new place we just moved into. GORgeous.

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