We have already established my addiction to Pinterest and like most junkies it’s no fun partaking in the high without a co-conspirator so I am going to try to get you hooked too (if you aren’t already).  I have grand plans of introducing you to some of my fave Pinterest curators and have already mentioned Michelle P.  I am currently having a moment with one Ginny Branch Stelling, I am trying hard not to re-pin her every pin as I am not sure if that is proper ‘netiquette’. Ginny has such great taste (and so varied) that I find myself sitting on my pinning fingers so I don’t come off as a Pin stalker. Ms. Branch Stelling is a bon vivant of sorts, from her business card it seems she does a bit of everything awesome, but she is most well known for her eye, just the one, I jest, she’s an event + editorial stylist and she is the person responsible for making the photographers job a breeze and is instrumental in creating the end image (that we’ll covet + pin!).  Back to Pinterest, Ginny’s boards are filled with eye candy, lot’s of details, textures, colors and themes. If you can’t find inspiration in them I don’t know where you can. I chose some of my favorite more ‘romantic’ images above, I think they do highlight her eye for texture which to me always adds interest to an image.  If you can’t get enough of Ginny’s Pinterest boards you can visit her at her blog, delightfully dubbed
P.S. It’s not too late to sign-up for the Food + Foto class, so we hope to see you there!

P.P.S. That ‘G’ is from my hand-lettering practice.  I think ‘G’s’ are currently my favorite letter to create.


  1. gah! i’m already such a pinterest nut (and huge fan of your work and your blog) – thanks for sharing your favorites on pinterest. while i definitely do not need another set of boards as distraction, i love such gorgeous images and draw such inspiration from them. :)

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