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I wanted to thank a few people that made this week possible. Of course there is the wonderful Maybelle, without her this week wouldn’t be a possible.  I think we can all agree that without Elizabeth Messina’s always beautiful photographs this week would not have been the same.  I do believe a week of Elizabeth Messina should be in order in the near future!  I also have to make a mention the new Hearth magazine which the photos of Elizabeth Messina’s Lovely Workshop is featured in further detail (a must have).  The magazine was created by two talented sisters and it looks absolutely beautiful!

Thank you to all that stopped by this week and paid a visit, it’s been a tough road back to blogging for me and I am still trying to figure out the balance with the new baby, so happy you stopped by and have stuck around!

7 thoughts on “SPECIAL THANKS!

  1. Pretty magazine. I’ll definitely check it out. I hope you and your family are having a fine winter. Spring is just around the corner, and it’s gorgeous in Seattle. Hope to see you sometime soon, Tristan!

    1. Yes Charmaine, let’s make a date!!! We have had some pretty days and I am so looking forward to Spring (and all the cherry blossoms!)

    2. You’re on, Tristan! I’m so glad you’ll get to experience the beautiful cherry blossoms here. I hope you don’t have crazy allergies this Spring season! I do, booo…

  2. dear tristan, you were one of my original inspirations for blogging & getting into creative work, so i am definitely rooting for you as you find your equilibrium & get back into things here :-) xo

  3. Dear Tristan,
    You know that I am one of Besotted’a faithful followers. I have caught a few glimpses of your precious baby girl. She is beautiful. I hope that you are recovering from your pregnancy complications. Balancing family and bus

    I chose not to enter your drawing as I have won in the past. I visited Maybelle’s shop at Etsy. It appears that she is closed due to her travels. I look forward to when she opens once again. In the mean time, I have placed at link to BESOTTED under the heading of calligraphy on my sidebar for quick reference.
    As always, your work and inspiration are held and appreciated by me.

    1. Oh, Lynne thank you so very much! I have recovered quote nicely, thank you:) It gets better every day, I really love being a mommy, even more than I anticipated. If I knew I was going to feel this way I would have had a dozen kids, lol.

  4. whoops! My statement on balancing disappeared!
    Balancing a family and a business from the home is challenging. So difficult with the tiny ones. Lost time in the day usually means compromised sleep at night. I found that as my children grew, they became interested and involved with a small business that I once conducted from our home. They picked up business skills from me unintentionally. They have both grown to be patient with a wonderful work ethic. They became helpful to me as well, which was a welcome relief when needed.

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